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Connect with your customers personally

Understand your customers better and personalise content at scale with our commercially proven, AI-powered platform.

In-person connections in a virtual world



Everyone’s different

As your customer base grows and more interactions happen online, it becomes increasingly difficult to create a personal customer experience. We created DataSine so that customers could be treated as individuals again.

Our unique approach to personalisation delivers benefits for all

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement, loyalty and retention are increased.

Valued Customer

Customers feel more valued and enjoy an improved experience.

Personalise at Scale

Automated content creation makes personalisation possible at scale.

How we do it


Gain insights into the distinctive characteristics and preferences of every customer, informed by cutting-edge science and our own extensive research.

These are based on an analysis of your first-party data through DataSine Insights.

Our Insights
Different people viewing different content


Automatically tailor your generic content to match the characteristics and preferences of your customers through DataSine Content.

Our AI-powered platform allows you to personalise everything from emails and landing pages to call centre scripts. It provides recommendations on how to make words, images, themes, colours, fonts and even layouts more appealing to different people.

DataSine Content in Action
Different people viewing different content

DataSine Insights and DataSine Content are available separately or combined as part of our DataSine Enterprise package.
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Our CEO Igor Volzhanin and CTO Chris Loy deliver a live product demo at FinovateEurope 2018.

What our clients say

Rocket ship

Hello bank! Belgium

Hello bank! saw an 80% increase in customer engagement when they used our platform to personalise emails, landing pages and social media messages.

This has been our best activiation campaign ever.
Campaign Manager

Rocket ship

Leading French Bank

A leading French bank increased sales of insurance products by 71% from using our platform to personalise call scripts.

A much more dynamic approach to outbound calls
Customer Relations Team Manager

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