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Datasine connects the dots between data and creativity to deliver high-converting, personalised content to the right people.

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Integrate our enterprise-class platform with your marketing stack to deliver the right content to the right people, and increase your marketing performance.

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  • AI-powered semantic image analyser
  • Content engagement predictions
  • MailchimpTM integration
  • AI-powered royalty free content suggestions
  • Everything that's in the Free plan, plus…
  • Facebook Ads integration
  • Ad content engagement predictions for your audience
  • Optimise content that impacts CPC, conversion and CTR
  • AI-powered semantic content analysis tailored to your audience
  • Content conversion insights for all your campaigns
Facebook Ads
£10k monthly ad spending
£99£79 /month
  • Personalised content recommendations for all customer segments
  • Analysis and recommendation for segments and individual users
  • Content preference maps of individual customers
  • Managed campaigns by data scientists and psychologists
  • Content preferences and insights at the customer level
  • Bespoke integration with your CRM and marketing stack
  • Bespoke integration with your image and content library
  • Dedicated client support
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“We were highly impressed with Datasine’s email personalisation engine. We've increased conversions by 59%”
— Head of Data Monetisation, Tinkoff Bank
"Identifying the best possible imagery resulted in a 77% increase in our Facebook conversions"
— Digital Fundraising Lead, International Charity