Effective marketing - without the guesswork

Connect the dots between data and creativity. Make exceptional creatives and predict what converts your unique audience, using AI and psychology.

Integrates with your current workflow

In just two clicks, analyse your past campaign data, gain insights and get content recommendations. We provide a bespoke AI that’s trained on your customer data.

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Partners and clients

  • AI-powered semantic image analyser
  • Content engagement predictions
  • MailchimpTM integration
  • AI-powered royalty free content suggestions
  • Everything that's in the Free plan, plus…
  • Facebook Ads integration
  • Ad content engagement predictions for your audience
  • Optimise content that impacts CPC, conversion and CTR
  • AI-powered semantic content analysis tailored to your audience
  • Content conversion insights for all your campaigns
Facebook Ads
£10k monthly ad spending
£99£79 /month
  • Personalised content recommendations for all customer segments
  • Analysis and recommendation for segments and individual users
  • Content preference maps of individual customers
  • Managed campaigns by data scientists and psychologists
  • Content preferences and insights at the customer level
  • Bespoke integration with your CRM and marketing stack
  • Bespoke integration with your image and content library
  • Dedicated client support
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“We were highly impressed with Datasine’s email personalisation engine. We've increased conversions by 59%”
— Head of Data Monetisation, Tinkoff Bank
"Identifying the best possible imagery resulted in a 77% increase in our Facebook conversions"
— Digital Fundraising Lead, International Charity