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Making Personalisation Scalable

In March, we will be opening beta access to our new product, Pomegranate. It is an AI-powered platform for tailoring digital customer experience, using psychology and data-driven content suggestions.

Pomegranate landing page

Introducing Pomegranate

How should you present a product to your customers?

Should you be friendly and informal, or serious and direct? Should you include plenty of detail, or get straight to the point? Should you appeal to their sense of fun, or warn them of the risk of missing out?

These are difficult and fundamental questions that companies face every day, yet in most cases, there is an underlying assumption to all of these answers:

“I should speak to every customer in the same way.”

At DataSine, we believe that there is a better way to interact with your customers, by understanding that each one of them has different wants, needs and ambitions. To meet that vision, we are building the tools to enable a new wave of scalable personalisation.

A uniquely presented gift

Presentation is about more than just content

Customer experience needs to change

Consumers have grown accustomed to product recommendations from digital experiences – “you may also like” – but this is often where the story ends. Algorithmic tailoring of customer experience rarely goes beyond product selection, and consumer narratives are, at best, tailored to match confusing demographic and behavioural segments.

According to a Walker study, by the year 2020 customer experience will be more important than price and product as the key brand differentiator. Alongside this, compelling new research shows that tailoring of customer experience drives game-changing increases in engagement.

And yet, companies are struggling to capitalise. True personalisation of customer experience is both difficult and rare. It is expensive, time-consuming, and relies on the application of insights that are difficult to access.

At DataSine, we use a model of customer understanding built on decades of psychometric research. This means that our insights are grounded in data, applicable universally (whether tailoring the appearance of a website, or the best way to greet a customer walking into your store) and stable over time. And because we use machine learning, we are able to scale this level of insight across your entire customer base using data you already have.

Introducing Pomegranate

Next month, we will open the doors for the closed beta of our new product, Pomegranate. It is a content-tailoring platform built around a simple idea: speak to each customer’s personality when you interact with them.

Pomegranate in action

Pomegranate suggesting words with a proven appeal increase for Introverts

Out of the box, Pomegranate can help you identify personality segments in your customer base, and then power a transformative change in how you interact with them.

Upload an email, some website content or a phone script. In return, you will get real-time suggestions for tailoring that content to speak more compellingly to your customers, in a way that is quick, simple and easy to integrate into your current processes.

At launch, it will support:

  • in-line word and paraphrase suggestions in English
  • image analysis and suggestions of more appealing equivalents
  • font, colour and layout support
  • easy integration into existing pipelines

We have many new features planned for the coming months.

To speak to your customers in a way that reaches their personality, you do not need to start hiring psychologists to join your marketing department. From start to finish, Pomegranate provides the tools to connect with your customers today.

More details soon

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Stay tuned for my next blog post, where I will go into more detail about just what makes Pomegranate work.