• Igor Volzhanin, CEO of DataSine

What Does DataSine Do?

DataSine makes every customer experience personal

What does it take to build an experience?

A simple human interaction is a multi-layered and complex world unto itself. It takes empathy, understanding and context to build and a lifetime to maintain. At DataSine, we are fascinated by the problem of taking these elements and bringing them into the digital world. Today, it is no longer enough to know what product your customer may be looking for. It is also essential to know and understand your customer as an individual, with their unique preferences, values and personality.

Personality segmentation

Personality comes attached with rich preference insights.

We want to build a world where businesses understand and cater to the individual needs of their customers. In this world, businesses build their products and services around their clients’ unique needs, wants and desires. Up until now, personalisation meant gathering ‘big data’ in an effort to monetise it without focusing on the underlying customer, leading to disengagement, apathy and lack of trust. DataSine is challenging that thinking.

How we do it

We turn existing customer data into meaningful insights about individual personalities using machine learning. We use these personalities to tailor communications, to make them more engaging and appealing to each customer.

A different word in an email, or a different image on a banner; our platform enables you to upload generic content, then suggests data-driven words, colours, and images that will increase response rate and engagement for each personality segment.

Not only do personalised communications make customers feel appreciated and prioritised, but these targeted emails also increase engagement and conversion. And our platform Pomegranate makes this personalisation possible at scale.

With a proven track record of driving commercial success, we bring personalisation to every business looking to engage with their customers as human beings. Read more to discover how we can help you today.