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DataSine Premium: New Features Added

Our team has been hard at work building the new Premium version of our platform, which will integrate with MailChimp and HubSpot. Check out the clip below to see three features of the platform in action:

  • Customer Personality Insights: segments your customer base by the strongest personality traits.
  • Image Appeal Ratings: provides real-time ratings for how appealing your images will be for different personalities and recommends better alternatives. You can even see why an image will be more or less appealing; the different factors are grouped into three different categories: colour, texture and composition.
  • Content Insights: uncovers the ‘personality’ of your previous email campaigns – that is, which personalities they appeal to most. If that doesn’t match up with the personality of your customer base, there could be significant room for improvement.

New Features for our HubSpot and MailChimp Integrations

Stay tuned for more updates. We’ll be giving out access to our beta users in a few weeks’ time.