Choosing The Right Image: 36% Uplift in Email CTR with U.K. based E-Commerce

Each customer has their own unique consumer journey with your brand, and should ideally be sent unique and personalised images matched to their preferences and personality. We all know that customers receiving personalised content are far more engaged than customers receiving generic, non-targeted content. Now, how do you know which images, headlines, words, product descriptions, and tone of voice to pick for each of your individual customers? That’s where personality-based marketing and contextual A.I. communication comes in, using DataSine’s Pomegranate platform.

The Client

The Kairos Collective is a curated marketplace for vintage, antique, and contemporary design. Their main speciality is 20th century lighting, furniture, objects, and pictures – true inspiration for one-of-a-kind vintage, antique, and contemporary design lovers. Looking for ways to service the needs of their customers better, The Kairos Collective turned to DataSine’s AI technology to boost email performance. They were curious to find out how personalised email content and choosing the right image would increase CTR and drive more traffic to their web shop.

“I think what DataSine is doing, using psychology to augment marketing and drive business, is amazing. It’s been a pleasure being on the Pomegranate Beta Programme” – Tanya Southworth, CEO – The Kairos Collective

Understanding your customer’s images preferences with Pomegranate

After integrating DataSine’s Pomegranate with Kairos’ email-client (Mailchimp) our segmentation algorithm analyses all historical email content and distills engagement patterns for each individual customer. The algorithm quickly figures out the top interactions between different types of content and segments of customers. These concise and easy to read in-app analytics allow marketers to understand which emails perform best, which type of images are most appealing, and which customer personality segments are most engaged.

In Kairos’ case, Extraverted content appeared to be performing the best. Leveraging these analytics, Pomegranate automatically decided to personalise the next email campaign to be more extraverted, targeting extraverted customers.

Choose the right content with contextual A.I.

When looking at the analytics of your CRM or email clients, you might already have a reasonable theory on the type of content that drives higher engagement. Yet, our experience tells us that many marketers still struggle to choose the best content to drive engagement, whether it be the most captivating word, graphic, headline, etc. to draw customers in. Pomegranate augments this experience and analyses your content. It tells you, for example, what images worked in the past and gives you suggestions, tools, and strategies for new images in the future. All tailored to your different customers.


Whether you use stock images or create your assets every time from scratch, we know that good visuals and design can really grab the attention of your customers. Our numerous campaigns with financial institutions across the globe have already shown the power of a well-selected and personalised image. Even if you don’t have the luxury or time to create your own assets, you still need to select that perfect image that’s going to drive your business. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Unsplash to provide you with an amazing selection of royalty-free stock image suggestions, tailored to the needs of your campaign and clients.

The Kairos Collective puts a lot of effort into creating and designing their email campaigns. A part of this is their creative way of using their own image assets for each new marketing campaign. For Kairos’ personalised email campaign, Pomegranate analysed and scored 12 suitable images as proposed by the company and picked the two best pictures that would be more appealing to their Extraverted customer base.

“Adding content that is tailored to different personalities immediately made an impact on CTR. And that’s great.” – Charlie, Head of Marketing – The Kairos Collective


Never change a winning team. We don’t expect you to overhaul your tone of voice, change your unique way of speaking to your customers, or alter your entire brand communication strategy. That’s why Pomegranate’s first step when giving text suggestions is to analyse what great content you’ve already sent to your customers. We call this technique ‘echoing’.

Kairos’ marketing department already generated great content in the past years, so it would be a pity not to leverage this for their first personalised campaign. For each new campaign, Pomegranate automatically selected the best historical content – matched to the right personality, and automatically gives it as suggestions where appropriate. Secondly, it gives new in-line suggestions and handy strategies to make your content more engaging, augmenting a marketeers journey to communicate with their customers. We leave it to you to decide how much or how little you wish to tailor your next campaign.

In Kairos’ case, Pomegranate made sure to give suggestions for alternative headlines, additional synonyms & adjectives in the body of the text, and personalised call-to-actions to optimise the email for their Extraverted customers.

The result: 36% increase in CTR

To assess the performance of the newly-created personalised email, Pomegranate automatically creates an A/B test in the background to compare your original email to the personalised email. Pomegranate pushes all versions of the emails automatically to your email client. The entire campaign was launched through MailChimp, and Kairos reported a 36% uplift in CTR for the extraverted email, compared to the original campaign, after 3 days.


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For the data wizards amongst us: Kairos’ original email was sent to non-extraverted customers, whereas the new email was sent to their most extraverted customers. To make sure this is an unbiased and controlled test, Pomegranate balances out the most engaging customers across the two groups.