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Tinkoff case study

datasine worked with Tinkoff, the largest digital bank in the world, to improve their email personalisation. It was a huge success, achieving a 59% uplift in conversions.

About Tinkoff Bank

Tinkoff Bank is a London Stock Exchange listed Russian bank. They were the first to reject physical retail branches in order to concentrate on online and mobile banking. Currently, Tinkoff Bank is the largest provider of credit cards in Russia, and the largest digital bank in the world, serving more than 7 million clients.


Tinkoff Bank launched a new credit card, offering air miles. To get this product off the ground, they needed to increase email campaign CTR (and the number of credit card purchases generated) through highly targeted email campaigns. Each recipient, ideally, would receive personalised images, words, and framings tailored to their own precise preferences.


Firstly, we used Tinkoff’s first-party data (transactional, demographic, email and CRM data) to understand the distinctive characteristics and content preferences of their customers. This helped us to segment their user-base into six different segments, each with unique content preferences. 

Secondly, working closely with the Tinkoff marketing team, datasine used our AI-powered platform to create automatic email variation suggestions for six different profile segments.

“We were highly impressed with datasine’s content personalisation” Head of Data Monetisation

Key deliverables

  • CRM integration, analysis and audience segmentation
  • Personalised marketing materials for six audiences
  • Content & audience insights
  • Customer segmentation
  • Personalised email campaigns

Stats and results

  • 7 million customers
  • 59% increase in conversions
  • 22% increase of CTR

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