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Learn how to leverage data-driven creativity in 2020 with our exclusive webinar

We at datasine are passionate about pushing creativity in marketing to the next level. In our latest webinar, we’re sharing groundbreaking insights about how data can drive creativity and empower marketers to get closer to their audiences than ever before. We explore what you can do to improve your marketing performance with data-driven creativity.

Creativity and data – stronger together

We know that advances in technology are not incompatible with human creativity. Quite the opposite! Throughout history, progress has only ever empowered creativity, giving human creatives new scope, mediums, and opportunities to flex their creative muscles.

That’s truer than ever during this modern data-boom. Research has found that 47% of the contribution to all sales gained from ads comes from human creativity. Pure data (as used in targeting, for example) stumps up for just 9%.

Data-driven creativity

You may not realise this from the way the conversation is going, of course. To listen to the chatter around data, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was the other way around.

Because of the disproportionate amount of attention paid to data in marketing, some people are concerned that creativity is in danger of being undervalued. 

Our research, however, has found that data and creativity are far from two opposing forces. In fact, when combined in the right way, data and creativity empower one another to a huge extent. 

Teams which utilise what we call ‘creative data’ enjoy far better campaign performance than those which focus on one without the other.

How can you utilise ‘creative data’? Our webinar has the answers

Data-driven creativity, datasineIn our recent webinar about data-driven creativity, we’ll take you through the insights we gleaned from working with our clients alongside our agency partner Rapp UK, and how you can put them to work in your marketing operation.

You’ll learn not only how to bring your creativity up to date with data technology, but how that technology can restore creativity to its rightful place in the spotlight.

We’ll show you how the use of creative data can empower marketers and engage audiences, leading to gains of up to 50% on your CTR.

Topics include: 

  • How data and AI are changing the creative industries.
  • What an ‘integrator’ is, and how you can gain an integrator’s mindset to make the most of data-driven creativity.
  • What ‘Content Atomisation’ is, and how it can benefit the creative process.

To gain these insights and more, check out the recording of the live webinar.