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Making customer experience more compelling, more personal, and more informed

By using machine learning to understand individual customer preferences and build tools that make these insights actionable at scale, we want to improve customer experience for everyone’s benefit. Since launching in 2015, we have gone on to work with leading companies from across Europe – including BNP Paribas, Hello bank! Belgium, and Tinkoff bank – and receive numerous accolades, winning the BNP Paribas International Hackathon and being accepted into the prestigious Techstars accelerator programme. From Finance and Telecom to Retail and Automotive, DataSine helps companies connect with their customers personally.

Your CustomersDifferent customers

Like many companies, DataSine was born out of a personal bête noire. I was tired of receiving generic marketing emails that didn’t resonate with me and where it was clear no effort had been made to understand me as an individual. Inspired by my PhD in Psychology and Computer Science, I set out to change this and created DataSine.
Igor Volzhanin

Igor Volzhanin

Meet the team

Igor Volzhanin


Igor founded DataSine in 2015 after moving to London to do a PhD in Psychology and Computer Science. Prior to that he spent five years working in international development. A relentless innovator, he is passionate about bringing his research to life and helping companies build meaningful relationships with their customers.

Chris Loy


Chris has spent ten years in product development and software engineering, having led large engineering projects within leading technology teams across London, including at Ocado and the BBC. He holds degrees in Physics from Oxford and Machine Learning from UCL, with research efforts focused on using deep learning for complex frequency analysis. He has commercial experience spanning distributed system design, high-traffic web architectures, big data analysis and real-time engineering.

James Gin

Chief Scientist

James has degrees from both Oxford University and UCL in Physics and Machine Learning, and has spent years working with large financial datasets and systems. He has five years of financial modeling and commercial business analytics experience, and has led the development of real-time financial risk management systems in live trading environments. James blends practical industry knowledge and applied machine learning techniques to find powerful insights in complex datasets.

Jergan Callebaut

Head of Psychology

Jergan is a Brussels-born psychologist, registered with the British Psychological Society and with degrees in both Clinical Psychology and Business Psychology. Prior to joining DataSine, he has worked as a consultant and researcher across the Belgian banking industry and for several European multinationals. His research at DataSine focuses on a range of topics within the fields of Individual Differences and Personality.

Cornel Lazar

Marketing Director

Cornel is heading up marketing at DataSine. His professional approach is best wrapped-up in his favourite emoji, the rocket ship 🚀. A small team being locked tightly together, aiming to succeed on their mission into the unknown. To Cornel it symbolises movement and progressiveness with a positive outlook.

Alex Lillo

Product Manager

Alex brings 15 years of experience understanding users and business needs and turning them into products people love to use. Passionate about solving problems, he has a calmed and pragmatic approach, bringing clarity to ensure everybody can work at their best.

Dea Bankova

Data Scientist

Dea has a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Oxford University and wrote her thesis in a field combining natural language processing with quantum computing. She previously worked at Microsoft as a Technical Account Manager and Data Science Consultant. Dea is responsible for building the machine learning models that power Pomegranate.

Jenny Wem

Front End Engineer

Jenny brings to DataSine a bachelor’s degree in Illustration and a master’s degree in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths. A true artist at heart, she spent time as a freelance artist and gallery assistant before learning to code and working in tech consultancy. Specialising in front-end development, Jenny is passionate about uniting design and tech.

Costas Kiteou

Software Engineer

Costas is trained as a Full Stack Web Developer and also holds a 1st Class Honors Degree in Business & Marketing. Coming to DataSine after 7 years at The English National Opera followed by 6 years at The Hackett Group, he is a Makers Academy Graduate, responsible for building out our product offerings.

Tatiana Iakovleva

Marketing Specialist

Tatiana has a keen interest in consumer behaviour. Holding an MSc in Management Science and Marketing Analytics, she has a deep understanding and appreciation of the value of personalisation and data-driven decision making. Her background makes her ideally placed to oversee our marketing channels and their performance to drive growth of DataSine’s brand.

Tim Williams

Data Scientist

Tim builds the machine learning models that predict personality and content appeal. He became fascinated with data science once he saw the magnifying effect it has on human productivity, allowing teams to extract more knowledge and insight from data to improve their business decisions. Tim previously worked as a Data Science instructor at General Assembly and spent over six years handling operations for FromVineyardsDirect – a leading UK wine retailer.

Caleb Langkamp at DataSine

Caleb Langkamp

Business Development Associate

Emma Keoy

Psychology Intern

Emma is an MSc Psychology student at UCL who is completing an applied placement at DataSine. She is currently trying to lend a hand by conducting research on the science which underpins the product, whilst designing experiments to explore deeper into the relationship between personality, marketing and communication preferences (and to complete her Master’s dissertation).

Lane Dye at DataSine

Lane Dye

Business Intern

Lane is student intern from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. She’s majoring in Human and Organisational Development (HOD) and Cognitive Studies, and is currently completing a semester-long project focused on improving DataSine’s organisational performance. Her time at DataSine is divided among Marketing, HR, and Business Development, allowing her to explore diverse interests.

Emma Cottenham at DataSine

Emma Cottenham

Software Engineering Intern

Emma holds a degree in Physics which she studied at Durham University, and subsequently contributed research efforts to the field of Quantum Computing in Sydney to obtain a Masters by research degree. With a strong background in theory and computational Physics, she is now learning to apply this logic to the back end development of Pomegranate.

Benjamin Thompson datasine

Benjamin Thompson

Software Engineer

Benjamin is technically minded, data driven and passionate about his work. He has obtained a Physics degree from Durham University and a PhD in Astrophysics from UCLan. At DataSine, Benjamin is applying his academic, professional and hobby expertise to deliver innovative new features.

Claire McCluskey at DataSine

Claire McCluskey

Office Manager

The DataSine office


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