Stop guessing. Start creating.

Our mission began in 2015 when we founded Datasine to empower brands to create personalised content without the guesswork. We use AI with insights rooted in psychology to help brands choose the right content with confidence.

Data Ethics Policy

The Datasine DNA

Innovation starts from the ground up, that’s why we’ve always strived to embed a culture that embodies that ethos right into Datasine’s DNA. We’ve done this by implementing what we call the ABCDEs of Datasine: Adventure, Balance, Collaboration, Diversity and Ethics.

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As innovators we believe in continuous improvement. We fail fast and learn faster. We take risks to push the boundaries of what is imaginable and possible, and never stop working toward bigger things.

What it's like to work at DataSine


We do everything we can to promote positivity and personal wellbeing to foster a deeper sense of meaning in our lives. We strive to support each person with whatever they need to be the best they can be, in and out of the workplace.

What it's like to work at DataSine


We are nothing without the people who make us great. This includes our customers and employees alike. We value interpersonal connection and collaboration, and stand together through both our failures and our victories. Together we are stronger than the sum.

What it's like to work at DataSine


We celebrate our differences and champion unique perspectives, because that’s what helps us to grow and stay ahead of the competition. We are made up of open-minded individuals who put inclusivity to the forefront.

What it's like to work at DataSine


We believe in staying true to our conscience and using the products we develop to make the world a better place. We strive to be responsible in all of our dealings: honest, transparent and clear.

What it's like to work at DataSine

Our People

The perfect word to describe us is ‘different’. The team at Datasine are incredibly diverse and come from all walks of life. We are brought together by collaboration, shared commitment and a passion to uphold our values. We like to move fast and break things.


Igor founded Datasine in 2015 after moving to London to do a PhD in Psychology and Computer Science. Prior to that he spent five years working in international development. A relentless innovator, Igor is passionate about bringing his research to life and helping companies build meaningful relationships with their customers.


Chris has spent 10 years in product development and software engineering, leading large engineering projects within top London tech teams, including Ocado and the BBC. He holds degrees in Physics from Oxford and Machine Learning from UCL, where his research focused on deep learning in audio. His experience spans distributed system design, high-traffic web architectures, big data analysis and real-time engineering.

Chief Scientist

James has degrees from both Oxford University and UCL in Physics and Machine Learning, and has spent years working with large financial datasets and systems. He has five years of financial modelling and commercial business analytics experience, and has led the development of real-time financial risk management systems in live trading environments.

Head of Psychology, Strategy Lead

Jergan is a Brussels-born psychologist with degrees in both Clinical Psychology and Business Psychology. Prior to joining DataSine, he has worked as a consultant across the Belgian banking industry and for several European multinationals. As the Strategy Lead he's responsible of putting scalable and data-driven processes in place to help business units (product, sales and marketing) innovate, grow and deliver value faster.

Project Manager

Nasrin is Datasine’s first Project Manager working across teams to create structure, alignment and cohesion. After graduating from UCL in 2011 with a degree in Human Sciences (BSc) Nasrin went on to work across large, global organisations before settling into the start-up environment. When she’s not ‘cracking the whip’ you can find Nasrin on the go to reach her daily step count limit of 10,000 steps.

Data Scientist

Tim builds the machine learning models that predict content appeal. He became fascinated with data science once he saw the magnifying effect it has on human productivity, allowing teams to extract more knowledge and insight from data to improve their business decisions. Tim previously worked as a Data Science Instructor at General Assembly and spent over six years handling operations for FromVineyardsDirect.

Software Engineer

Costas is trained as a Full Stack Web Developer and also holds a first-class honors degree in Business and Marketing. He came to Datasine after seven years at The English National Opera followed by six years at The Hackett Group. He’s a Makers Academy Graduate, and at Datasine he is responsible for building out our product offerings.

Software Engineer

Daniel has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Glasgow University and spent four years working in a digital agency as a back-end developer before joining Datasine. With a passion for problem-solving and an eye for performance, Daniel helps build our products and the infrastructure behind them. It’s his staunch belief that Coke in a glass bottle tastes better.

Sales Associate

Dixon is an Economics graduate who currently works in business development at Datasine. Generating leads and engaging with prospects is what Dixon takes pride in doing, with the aim of closing deals in the future. He has a keen interest in both marketing and technology, plus he used to be a bartender, so Dixon makes a mean cocktail!

Sales Associate

Eirini studied Marketing Management at The American College of Greece in Athens and also has an MSc in Sport Management from Loughborough University. With a keen interest in athleticism, Eirini used to be a volleyball pro, winning three championships in a row! She also previously worked at Euromonitor International as a Business Development Associate.

Content Editor

After completing an Undergraduate and Masters’ degree in Creative Writing, Caitlin turned her writing skills to the tech industry. She started working at DataSine when she realised her two favourite things to write about were AI and marketing. She is responsible for writing the content that helps make DataSine’s technology explainable.

Office Manager

After many years in IT project management, Claire transferred her experience and skills into office management. As Office Manager, Claire is responsible for a smooth and efficiently running office. From organising team socials to working on HR policies, she wears many different hats which suits her just fine! Outside the office, you’ll find Claire either at the yoga studio or in her garden tending to the crops.

UI/UX Designer

Stéphanie is our UI/UX Designer, working across both product and marketing. She’s French, and, after working in Paris for five years at a digital agency and a specialised 3D startup, she left everything to live in London in the search of new experiences, adventures and challenges. She likes to share her skills and learn new things, so has an incredibly user-centric approach to her work. And if you play Counter-Strike, she’d gladly challenge you to a game!

Software Engineer

Ben is technically-minded, data-driven and incredibly passionate about his work. He has a Physics degree from Durham University and a PhD in Astrophysics from UCLan. At Datasine, Ben applies his academic, professional and hobby expertise to deliver innovative new features. Outside of work, Ben’s a keen technology enthusiast and an avid gamer.

Careers at Datasine

Interested in joining an agile, diverse and creative team working to improve marketing with AI and psychology? We’d love to hear from you!

London office

Datasine’s home is in a converted old ink factory in the beating heart of vibrant Clerkenwell. Our office is all high-ceilings, natural light and open space, inviting collaboration, openness and offering balance to our work days. We overlook the lovely St James’ Church Garden and are just a stone's throw away from loads of cafes, pubs and shops, not to mention well-connected, with Farringdon, Barbican and Chancery Lane just a few minutes walk away.
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