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Over 90% of brands said that they were trying to be more empathetic in their marketing, and 81% of marketers are finding it more difficult to pivot quickly to societal and cultural events.

In this session, Stefan revealed the latest findings from Datasine’s independent research interviewing 250 marketing decision-makers. The results show a fascinating picture of an industry in flux as it tries to respond to a time of crisis and social change.

The key takeaways:

  • The top challenges marketers are facing in 2020 and how to overcome them.
  • Tips on how to respond with empathy in your marketing efforts and how to do so quickly.
  • How to measure the sentiment and performance of your creative for your unique audience.
Creative Empathy 2020

“Digital marketing demands instantaneous response to the things that are happening in the world. That requires marketing professionals to be able to use data to adapt their creatives, message, visual and textual content on a continual basis in line with changing audience attitudes.”

Chris Loy

CTO, Datasine

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