Chris Loy

About Chris Loy

Chris has spent ten years in product development and software engineering, having led large engineering projects within leading technology teams across London, including at Ocado and the BBC. He holds degrees in Physics from Oxford and Machine Learning from UCL, with research efforts focused on using deep learning for complex frequency analysis. He has commercial experience spanning distributed system design, high-traffic web architectures, big data analysis and real-time engineering.

What is segmentation in marketing?


Segmentation in marketing allows marketers to place customers into groups for targeting. We take a look at the types of market segmentation. When it comes to defining the target audience of [...]

What is segmentation in marketing?2019-07-24T13:39:20+01:00

Automated Personalisation: Pomegranate in Action


Last month I announced the launch of our new product - Pomegranate. Now it’s time for a more in-depth look at how the platform can be used in practice. At DataSine, [...]

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Making Personalisation Scalable


How should you present a product to your customers? Should you be friendly and informal, or serious and direct? Should you include plenty of detail, or get straight to the [...]

Making Personalisation Scalable2019-06-28T17:01:50+01:00