James Gin

About James Gin

James has degrees from both Oxford University and UCL in Physics and Machine Learning, and has spent years working with large financial datasets and systems. He has five years of financial modeling and commercial business analytics experience, and has led the development of real-time financial risk management systems in live trading environments. James blends practical industry knowledge and applied machine learning techniques to find powerful insights in complex datasets.

Use AI to identify high-converting marketing images


Cutting-edge AI (artificial intelligence) research into how computers see marketing images is changing the way marketers build more successful campaigns. Powered by machine learning algorithms, marketing technology tools now serve as [...]

Use AI to identify high-converting marketing images2019-02-20T10:22:39+01:00

Why Use Psychology?


How well do you know your customers? Maybe you know them personally and can count them as friends. You know what information they want when they call, and what products they [...]

Why Use Psychology?2018-05-30T14:10:16+01:00

Commercial Psychographic Personalisation


This week, a group of researchers from Columbia, Stanford and Cambridge published conclusive results that advertisements tailored to customers personalities achieve stunning increases in customer engagement. Using both language and imagery [...]

Commercial Psychographic Personalisation2018-05-30T14:31:19+01:00