Lauren Pak

About Lauren Pak

Lauren is passionate about people and believes in the developmental power of accessible, inclusive technology. Through her work at DataSine, she looks to build trust and facilitate meaningful interactions in the digital space. She received her BS in Human and Organizational Development and Political Science from Vanderbilt University and is currently getting her MSc. in Social Policy (Research) at the London School of Economics.

Pomegranate: AI Product For People By People


In some ways, machine learning and psychology can seem the furthest away from each other, where one is based on algorithms and the other about human minds and behaviour. But one [...]

Pomegranate: AI Product For People By People2019-02-11T07:33:23+01:00

Why Personalisation Matters to Everyone


What makes food special is the people behind it. This past summer, as I was seeking refuge from the Los Angeles heat, I happened upon a humble mom and pop Deli on [...]

Why Personalisation Matters to Everyone2018-06-01T10:49:48+01:00