5 ways to get company buy-in for new technology

February 12, 2021

Pushing through key decisions within a company can be tricky.

Budgets have to be addressed. Resource needs to be considered. And results must be predicted.

This is a challenge that many businesses face. Particularly when trying to implement new technology.

Therefore, it’s important that all relevant members of the company are bought in from the very start. Otherwise, you may face difficult questions further down the line.

Whether it’s company buy-in, boss buy-in, or team buy-in. This is a topic we have tackled with many of our customers who want to sell the benefits of Datasine to their wider company.

So read on to hear our suggestions for getting company buy-in for your new technology.


We’re all aware that negativity can spread quickly in the workplace.

So enlist individuals from all relevant departments – where possible – to be your technology champions. These should be people who are engaged and excited by new technology, and can be bought in easily. 

They should be involved from the very start, from scoping and implementation to roll out, and be happy to positively feedback progress to their own teams.

And of course, don’t leave out your senior management. Champions from this level of the business are integral to trickle down buy-in and enthusiasm. And to help eliminate blockers along the way.


Your wider business won’t be interested in hearing about implementing new technology that doesn’t directly impact their wider goals.

So ensure you begin with a solid understanding of business SFAs (strategic focus areas) and goals, and directly tie your new technology into as many of them as possible.

Start from the top and work your way down to key individual’s goals. This will help you to clearly showcase the benefits of your new technology. As well as how it will make individual colleagues’ lives’ easier.


Similar to goals, each company, department, and individual has their own challenges.

And often, your colleagues will be worried that new technology may add to these.

Clearly show them that’s not the case by discussing individual pain points and addressing how this technology can help resolve them.

Utilise case studies, testimonials, and success stories as much as possible – especially if there are results and stats involved – to help your colleagues understand from a real-life perspective.


For colleagues that aren’t directly using your new technology, it’s easy for them to become cynical over whether it is working as originally promised. This can quickly lead to hostility and criticism.

So don’t be shy about your new technology. Celebrate milestones with the wider business right from the start, and keep everyone in the loop.

This can include updates regarding any successes, implementation milestones, positive results, impact on individuals, teams, and the wider business.

Continuously gather feedback and results, and make sure you shout about them.


Last but not least, do not forget to maintain the enthusiastic momentum with ongoing training and support.

Users and colleagues can quickly become complacent if they don’t feel supported.

So keep all those involved engaged in the ongoing process by offering training from the very start. This can be done in a wide variety of formats to suit your business. From group sessions to one-on-one. Webinars to cheat sheets.

Why not experiment a little to see what works best?

Are you challenged by buy-in?

If company buy-in is putting you off implementing new technology such as Datasine, then we can help.

Get in touch so we can talk you through our implementation process and success stories, to support you in your company buy-in process.