Nine Mailchimp integrations for personalisation

November 12, 2018
Tanya Iakovleva
With over 16 billion users and no sign of slowing down, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re using Mailchimp for email marketing, too.  Mailchimp is a powerful tool offering scores of options for optimising, customising and personalising the content you send out to your list. 

Indeed, as we mentioned here, there are many ways to go about personalising your content. Doing so can help to increase engagement rates and your key campaign metrics with your readers, as well as improving their overall customer experience with your brand. Being among one of the top tools for email marketing, Mailchimp gives you opportunity to be as personal with your users as you wish to be, especially given the variety of its tools for personalisation. 

As of today, there are 177 integrations for Mailchimp. Of course, you can filter this down easily based on the applications you currently use. We’ve gone one step further however, and highlighted our top nine picks for Mailchimp integrations that give you the best options for making your email images and texts truly personal. 

  1. Barilliance – intent-driven product recommendations

Barilliance is an advanced product recommendation engine, that automatically integrates personalised product recommendations into your emails, by understanding user preferences. This allows you to personalise every email you send out with dynamic product recommendations that matter to the user.

  1. Leadpages – high-converting landing pages

Leadpages is a market leader in tools for publishing high-converting landing pages extremely quickly. With this Mailchimp plugin, you can set up a polished landing page for your product and use it to build your Mailchimp email list in minutes.

  1. Timewarp – timely scheduled campaigns

Whilst this is a paid feature of Mailchimp and not an integration, Timewarp allows you to schedule emails to go out at a precise time based on each individual subscriber’s time zone. This means you can send emails out first thing in the morning so they’re at the top of your list’s inbox, as well as being useful for A/B testing to improve your clicks. 

  1. AddThis – personalised calls to action

AddThis is a great tool to help you acquire email subscribers faster than you would usually, using personalisation on your website.  Using the custom Welcome Bar or Marketing Overlay, users will receive customised content that helps get more of them signed up to your Mailchimp list.

  1. NiftyImages – dynamic campaign images

NiftyImages is a great tool for personalising emails and increasing engagement and clicks. Using dynamic images such as live social feeds, countdown timers and even personalised images based on user preferences, NiftyImages allows you to easily customise individual Mailchimp emails based on your unique users.

  1. Unbabel – campaigns native to your followers

Unbabel is a fantastic Mailchimp plugin that allows you to deliver your emails in a customer’s native language. Don’t worry though! Once you’ve requested a translation Unbabel actually sends through a draft to your Mailchimp account so you can proof read it before sending. 

  1. Big Cartel – marketing automation tools to sell more

Big Cartel is a great e-commerce solution aimed at artists and makers. By integrating your Big Cartel store with Mailchimp, you’ll be able to create marketing automations that help you retain more customers and win back lost ones.  Additionally, this integration gives you a detailed look at user activity and how you can improve your store.

  1. Canopy Labs – predictive models for more sales

Canopy Labs is a tool that helps you to build a better picture of your customers, and launch personalised campaigns based on predictive models of your customers’ behaviour.  Canopy Labs works by pulling data from different sources such as email engagement, past purchase data, browser history and demographics, into one location. Using this data it can then build a picture of each customer which can be used to predict future behaviour.  This is a great option for sending more targeted emails, or embedding personalised content onto your website.

  1. Datasine Pomegranate – psychology and AI for better customer experience

Of course, this list of the best integrations to use with Mailchimp would not be complete without our own product, called Pomegranate.

Integrating Pomegranate with Mailchimp allows you to understand your past emails performance in terms of their personality appeal and each individual’s personality based on how they have interacted with your previous emails. Then you can tailor future output in a way most appealing to each individual by modifying campaign images and soon enough tone of voice, using an algorithm designed around decades of scientific research on the drivers of personality appeal and consumer behaviour. 

Having already had great success with enterprise users, we’ve taken the next step and integrated the platform with Mailchimp. We’ve made effort to make sure Pomegranate is now just as straightforward to use as the existing integrations in your workflow, so that it doesn’t require much effort to learn. What’s even better is that it will work with your existing plugins to build an even clearer picture of your customer base, allowing you to communicate with them as if they are someone you truly know.

Click here to sign up and see for yourself how DataSine Pomegranate works in your existing workflow.

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