Beyond the buzzwords: disruptive voices from the marketing industry today

November 18, 2019



Modern marketing is one of the most dynamic industries of our time. But in an industry that’s constantly reshaped by the stampeding pace of innovation, it’s often hard to take stock and plan for the future. So where does this state of perpetual evolution leave the average marketer?

At Datasine, we’ve spent the last few months talking to marketing thought leaders about the industry and the process of embracing disruption. We’ve gathered together a collection of some of the things they told us about marketing today, and what it will look like tomorrow – beyond the buzzwords.

Featuring insights from:

  • Emma Wynne, Head of Growth at Pasta Evangelists
  • Bernardo Nunes, Head of Science at Growth Tribe
  • Mohamed El Hannaoui, Growth Marketer
  • Emily Miller, Head of Marketing at Ollie Quinn

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