DataSine Announces €1 Million in Seed Funding

DataSine Announces €1 Million in Seed Funding

October 18, 2017
DataSine founding team: Chief Scientist James Gin, CTO Chris Loy and CEO Igor Volzhanin.

DataSine’s proprietary technology analyses transactional and biographical data to determine a customer’s personality, needs, behaviours, and life situation. This enables companies to offer products and services that are directly relevant to their customers and explain them in a way that resonates with each individual.

“DataSine’s technology is unique because it bridges the gap between machine learning, psychology and finance. Put simply – it is the ultimate personalisation engine for banks” Igor Volzhanin, Chief Executive of DataSine said.

“This investment will be central to our business expansion, including hiring new staff, expanding our capability to onboard new clients, delivery of the minimum viable product and feature development including cloud platform capabilities.”

DataSine was previously part of the TechStars London accelerator programme in 2016. It is currently working with financial institutions in the UK, France, Belgium and Portugal.

We are glad to support DataSine through C. Entrepreneurs, the venture capital fund we created in partnership with Cathay Innovation to support startups and help them build solid foundations for growth. DataSine demonstrated their ability to bring value with their solutions, in several business contexts. We are proud to partner with DataSine and provide them with resources to develop their projects.

– Thibaut Schlaeppi, Head of Startups Relations and Investments – BNP Paribas Cardif

Sistema_VC shares the vision that application of machine learning for solving challenging problems is extremely impactful for both business and society. Proper customer relationships are fundamentally important in the modern reality. DataSine applies machine learning and psychological techniques to bring personalisation of communication with customers to an absolutely new level. We believe DataSine’s technology can be a game changer for banking, telecom and retail industries.

– Dmitry Filatov, VP of Technology – Sistema_VC

Big data firms today focus on pattern recognition, without a compelling hypothesis in place to make sense of the results. Force Over Mass are delighted to be supporting Igor and his team at DataSine, who provide powerful analytics, enabling banks to better understand their clients’ needs. Resulting in real actionable insights leading to not only higher conversion but better customer satisfactions.

– Filip Coen, COO – Force Over Mass

DataSine was recently named one of the hot ten growth prospects as part of the 2017 FinTech50 list and featured in the top ten FinTech Innovations of the Year as part of the Digital Leaders 100. Founded in 2015, DataSine has a vision to bring the proven power of personality and psychometrics into the financial world.

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