Datasine Insider: our Business Intern, Amber Shand

September 10, 2019

Currently studying Economics and Accounting at the University of Leicester, Amber is our latest intern to work in business development.

Amber is into all things tech and is learning front-end programming in her spare time. A self-confessed ‘classic Pisces’, she loves astrology, and spends her free moments assigning people’s personality traits to their star signs.


What does a Business Intern at Datasine do?

The majority of what I do is research: researching new clients and businesses, and also a lot of user research. I work closely with the Head of Psychology & Strategy, Jergan Callebaut, on the product, looking into the user experience and customer success.

As with everything at Datasine, in business development we approach every challenge in a data-driven way. We leverage data to find the right customer segments, the perfect email template and subject line for outreach, and to make sure we build the right features.

We also analyse data on which industries, job titles and companies react to different sales content on a weekly basis, as well as what different needs and objections they have. It helps us shape our messaging, our product and our customer experience.

What does your day-to-day look like?

To be honest, every day is really different!

Sometimes I’m doing outreach, where I’m calling and emailing potential clients. Sometimes I’m working on understanding how customers are getting on with our product and getting feedback. I also do a lot of research into new leads, finding people interested in trialling our platform as well as organising events for the marketing community in London to network and share ideas.

What are you working on right now?

Right now, I’m working on pulling together our pre-launch event at Datasine HQ, #SuperchargeFacebook, where we’ll be sharing with Facebook marketers different ways to approach optimising their Facebook advertising – and how our product can help.

I’m also looking into customer journeys, to see how we can improve our product for our users.

What tools do you find the most useful?

I use Hubspot, a platform for tracking down communications and understanding whether people are engaging with content, a lot. Hotjar is also really useful for looking at how users are using our platform and identifying any issues they may be experiencing – this is where I investigate for potential bugs which I then share with the tech team. I also use a few other lead gen tools, like Lead Leaper.

Oh, and of course I’m always using Google Sheets to document the contact we’ve had with leads and potential customers.

What is it like working at Datasine?

I love it. Everyone is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the office is really nice – it’s great to sit outside and do work in the sunshine. Clerkenwell is an amazing place to work too, there’s loads of pubs, cafes and green space.

What I really love about working here is that I get to do a lot of independent work. The company encourages adventure (it’s one of the Datasine values!) so you’re never micromanaged and get to learn from your own mistakes and experiment all the time. This means that if something’s not working, we change it. I like the fast-moving, experimental nature of the company.

Oh, and there’s also a lot of Pisces in the building, which can only be a good thing.


What do you think will be your main takeaways from your internship?

My main takeaways will definitely be a better understanding of how to communicate effectively with people. I’ve also always been really into research, but this internship has taken that skill to another level which I really appreciate. Finding my own leads has been both challenging and rewarding.

How has Datasine influenced your future career plans?

I think that when it comes to working in tech, I’m now sold! I like tech culture and the people who work in it, I think it’s a more relaxed environment which is a lot more understanding and experimental. It’s been exciting to work at a startup too, it’s not as rigid.

I would like to get more into coding in the future though. It’s something I’ve touched on a bit so far, but when I’m back at uni I’m definitely going to be working on expanding my skills in this area.


We’re always looking for graduates who are interested in a 6+ month internship at an up-and-coming tech startup. Drop a line to if this sounds like a good fit for you!

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