Datasine on a journey to become channel partners with Google

November 28, 2019
Sofia Spassova

We’re absolutely thrilled to reveal that Datasine have embarked on a journey to become channel partners with tech colossus Google. 

Our ultimate goal is to introduce an integration to Google Display Network on our AI platform, Connect. This will allow clients to apply our predictive technology on their Google Display creatives using their Google accounts’ engagement data.

The journey is part of Google’s EMEA Marketing Innovation Programme (MIP), a six-month long incubation programme for tech companies Google believes have the potential to shape the future of marketing. 

“We’re very excited that Google sees opportunity in our technology and wants to support us in developing our platform,” said Jergan Callebaut, Lead Strategist at Datasine. “After developing our Facebook Ads integration, an integration with Google’s Display Network is the next logical step. Our current users are also excited to use this for their marketing efforts.”

What is the programme?

Google uses the MIP programme to support tech startups on a journey to accelerate by developing marketing and advertising products that help them reach new customers. 

It has two key objectives: To develop a working prototype of Google Ads API integration and successfully test it with customers, and to set up a scalable customer acquisition model. 

At the end of the programme, successful companies have the chance to join the tech-focused Google Partners programme, which will provide ongoing support. 


Us enjoying a presentation on our first day at the MIP bootcamp.

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