datasine shortlisted for the Effective Digital Marketing Awards 2020

June 10, 2020
The datasine team

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for an Effective Digital Marketing Award!

We are one of four award finalists, in the ‘Digital expert of the year – UK, EMEA & APAC’ category. 

datasine Founder & CEO, Igor Vozlhanin comments: ‘To be nominated for such a prestigious award is a testament to the hard work all datasine employees have put in throughout the year. From the product to the research team, this nomination provides fantastic recognition for everyone’s great work!’

Why datasine?

datasine has been nominated for this award thanks to our innovative contributions to the world of creative marketing and pioneering creative data

Creative data is what you get when you ‘atomise’ creative content – i.e. break it down into facets (for example: blue sky, smile, logo to the top left, uplifting emotion and so on). Our AI can then analyse these creative ‘atoms’ against engagement metrics, and compare across past campaigns.

This analysis brings highly detailed (and sometimes surprising!) insights about the creative elements which generate customer engagement and drive performance. 

Using creative data enables brands to get closer to their customers than ever before. It teaches marketers not only what kind of content their audience wants to see, but also why they want to see it. 

These insights empower brands to speak to their customers on a more relevant and personal level than ever before.

What are the Effective Digital Marketing Awards?

Previous winners of the Effective Digital Marketing award include Liverpool FC, Superdrug, and the Telegraph News Group.

This years awards will be judged by an impressive panel of digital marketing experts and influencers, including:

    • Purvi Patel, Senior Manager of Influencer Marketing & Operations at Reebok.
    • Maya McDonald, Social Media Manager at Kraft Heinz.
    • James Gregson, Global Lead for IP Social Media Strategy & Planning at LEGO
    • Logan Lass, Social Media and National Marketing Manager at McDonalds Canada
    • Cecilia Giraud, Senior Manager, Creative & Content Marketing at Marriott International
    • Tony Colvin, Content & Media Manager at Del Monte

Congratulations to all shortlisted brands and companies, we look forward to celebrating with you on Friday the 11th September. Check out the rest of the categories here

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