Facebook ad automation

November 5, 2020

The Datasine guide to automated Facebook ads

Gone are the days when your only Facebook advertising options were a simple boosted post or a total Facebook ad campaign. Now, you can run automated ads on Facebook. And, honestly, we’re impressed with what’s on offer.

How does this work? What does it do? And when should you use it?

Let’s take a look:

What are Facebook Automated Ads ?

Well…they’re your ads, but automated, and run by Facebook.

OK, this is a very simplistic explanation, but honestly there’s not a whole lot more to the basic concept than that.

How do I create an automated ad campaign on Facebook?

Creating an automatic campaign with Facebook has a few stages to it.

First, head to your Facebook page manager and click this button:

Facebook will then ask you questions about the nature of your business, your goals and objectives, and the audience(s) you want to target. Here are a few examples of the first few questions in the process:

Once you’ve answered all the opening questions and Facebook has a rough idea of what (and who) you’re aiming for, it will take you to its ad creation interface. 

Here, you can pick your creatives. 

Now, Facebook will pick some suggestions for you at the outset (based on your organic page copy) but, honestly, Facebook hasn’t got the best eye for ad creatives.

Luckily, at this stage you do get to input your own creatives. We strongly recommend you do. Your Facebook ads live and die on split-second impressions, and the right impression depends a lot on the right content. 

To give yourself a head start at this stage, let Datasine’s intelligent AI help you out. Our platform will break your creatives down into atomically-small data parcels, and analyze that data against past campaign metrics. It will then give you accurate and actionable insights about the content your audiences will respond to.

Once you’ve chosen your creatives, Facebook will take you into the nitty gritty of campaign organisation, like setting an overall goal…

Choosing an audience…

…and so on.

Then, Facebook will offer you a ‘custom plan’ with a suggested budget based on your answers. If you’re not sure whether this plan is right for you, check out our blog post on setting a Facebook ads budget.

At this stage, you can also go in and edit things like ad copy, CTAs, headlines, and so on. For some great tips on how to do this properly, check out our blog on the subject.

Finally, Facebook will create and curate an automated campaign for you based on your answers and input. 

If you already have your ad copy, your objectives, your target audience and so on planned out, setting up an automated Facebook ad campaign can be done in a matter of minutes.

Facebook will also offer to message you ongoing updates about your ads, including analytics, insights, and suggestions for improvement. 

Once you’ve got everything looking shipshape, click ‘Promote Now’ and hey presto! Facebook will run your automated ads and (hopefully!) those key metrics will start rising.

Is it worth using Facebook automated ads?

What’s the difference between a boosted post, automated ads, and a fully curated Facebook campaign?

Well, basically, an automated Facebook ad campaign does more than a boosted post and less than a full campaign.

A boosted post will show your posts to a wider audience for a fee, but there’s not much scope for customisation, choosing audiences, and all that good stuff. It’s good for what it sounds like –  a small boost – but it’s not great for making big gains.

A full Facebook ad campaign in Ad Manager will give you many, many options for customising, tweaking, and curating your campaign. It’s pretty comprehensive. However, it’s a much more complicated process than simply boosting a post, and needs a certain level of skill to handle properly.

Facebook’s automated ads are a convenient middle ground between the two. Automated Facebook ads can be well-crafted and targeted pretty precisely, which is a neat step-up from a simple boosted post. However, they don’t require the skill (and budget!) level of a full campaign. 

All in all, Facebook automated ads are perfect for SMEs which want an easy way to get their ads in front of eyeballs, or (honestly) anyone who wants to run a neat little drip-campaign to keep their target audiences interested.

How do I get the best out of Facebook automated ads?

As with all marketing, strategy is key to getting the best out of automated ads on Facebook. If you know the goals, the audience, the creatives, and the copy you need, your Facebook automated ads campaign will run like a breeze.

Do some data-diving. What are your goals and objectives? Who do you need to target to achieve these? You can go pretty granular at the audience-setting stage of the Facebook automated ads process, so don’t be afraid to get specific!

There’s also plenty of software out there which can help you to get the absolute most out of your Facebook campaigns. Tools like RevealBot and Adespresso will give you detailed insights into your Facebook ads, and all the tools you need to fully optimize them. You can read more about some amazing tools to help with Facebook ads here.

When it comes to creatives, you can do yourself a huge favour by choosing the perfect creative at the outset. Datasine’s AI can help you to do exactly that, with pinpoint accuracy.