Five things we learned at Supercharge Marketing

November 01, 2019
The Datasine team

Our biggest and best ever Supercharge Marketing took place on October 29th, with our excellent speakers covering the whole spectrum of marketing: from how to spark creativity to the adoption of intense data-driven practices. 

The quarterly event got us thinking a lot about marketing, and the state of this fast-paced, ever-changing industry. Here’s just five of the things that we learned at Supercharge Marketing.


1. Data-driven marketing is now the industry standard

First and foremost, data was the name of the game at Supercharge Marketing, proving once more that, in 2019, data-driven marketing is the industry standard.

From Digital Strategist at PMG Advertising, Vysh Ranjan’s praise of Spotify’s use of data to engage consumers to Heading of Marketing at Turtl, Karla Rivershaw’s compelling case that we must use data to understand what form of content our readers find most engaging, the practice was invariably leading the way for these innovative marketers.

We were particularly fascinated with the way Babylon Health are using data to streamline NHS services. Biddable Lead, Mack Grenfell, explained how the digital health service are disrupting medicine by serving ads that promote the next available appointment – all in real time. All we can say is: keep up the incredible work. 


2. Experiment, experiment, and experiment again

“Being wrong might hurt you,” UK Country Manager at Growth Tribe, Mitch Platt told the crowd, quoting Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos. “But being slow will kill you.” 

Mitch proceeded to convince the audience of the power of experimenting in marketing, in other words, that oft-cited phrase: ‘failing fast’. He encouraged marketers to use Growth Tribe’s ‘Growth Marketing Transformation Pyramid’, the foundation of which is mindset, followed by process, then people and finally ending with the tactics that make up experiments. This process of experimenting must be constant, he explained. 


Growth Tribe’s Growth Marketing Transformation Pyramid. Credit:

To demonstrate the importance of experimentation, he shared a video of Takeru Kobayashi, former world champion competitive eater, consuming 70 hot dogs after discovering two ‘hacks’. We’re still wondering how long THAT clip is going to be burned into our minds…

3. If your content isn’t interactive, it’s not working

As always, the power of content took centre stage at Supercharge Marketing, and luckily Karla Rivershaw, Head of Marketing at content solutions provider, Turtl, was at hand to break down the psychology behind content consumption. 

Images are more likely to make content engaging, with visuals making your content 43% more persuading, Karla explained. But, most significantly, content that’s interactive is much, much more likely to be engaging for audiences, with 45% of buyers finding interactive content ‘very effective’ at educating. Therefore, serious consideration into the medium we are using to share information must be made. 

Some food for thought was a quote by Marshall McLuhan that she shared: “The medium is the message”. 


4. Semantic content analysis is going to disrupt marketing

Our very own Lead Strategist and Head of Psychology, Jergan Callebaut, took the opportunity to talk about something we’re very passionate about at Datasine: semantic content analysis, and its power to disrupt marketing. 

“The industry has a problem,” explained Jergan. “People hate ads.” 

Pointing to the fact that the average ad click through rate (CTR) currently hovers below a meagre 1%, Jergan argued that using AI to understand what content your audience loves can solve this pressing problem. 

“We can use psychology to understand what features are in an ad, and our engagement data to see which features are causing the most engagement,” he said. “That’s where AI trained on psychological insights steps in, to let you know what your audience actually wants to engage with.”

Read more about semantic content analysis and start applying it to your marketing now. 

5. Investing in yourself is key

A common theme across the evening’s speakers was the value of investing in yourself as a marketer – and its power to deliver results across your campaigns.


Emily Miller, Head of Marketing at Ollie Quinn, and Vysh Ranjan, Digital Strategist at PMG Advertising, led the charge in our fireside chat where they encouraged the audience to keep trying new things to help them progress in marketing and find what they love. 

And Head of Growth at Pasta Evangelists, Emma Wynne, closed the show with the sage advice: “Digital marketing is changing, and the best marketers are those who are constantly learning and trying new things.” She then urged the audience to hungrily consume industry blogs, podcasts and always be open to learning new skills. We certainly don’t need telling twice. 


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