Marketers: Quit starting every campaign from scratch

May 13, 2021

Learn how to build your campaigns from a rock-solid foundation by using all of your data (including untapped creative data) 

Despite all we talk about data-driven marketing (or, perhaps more accurately, shout), marketers are still, en masse, failing to consistently use learnings from previous campaigns in their future ads

This industry-wide crisis can devastate marketing teams, because when companies always start their campaigns from scratch, engagement plummets. This approach traps them in a cycle of creating campaigns based on gut feeling, instead of data, that are drowned out by a sea of competing advertisers (10 million on Facebook alone). 

So, why is an industry so obsessed with data failing to use it to improve ad performance from the start? 

Let’s take a closer look at the problem and explore how you can make the best use out of all of your data in future campaigns – including by implementing a powerful form of data you might never have heard of. 

If data is the ‘lifeblood’ of marketing, this industry is bleeding out

Once we finish running campaigns, we access a whole treasure trove of knowledge about the impact of those campaigns. From breakdowns of who clicked and when, to understanding which digital channels are the most effective, these insights are utterly critical to improving ad performance next time around. 

Yet, today, four in every five marketers are wasting approximately one third of their campaign data. This same study found that less than half of all valuable marketing data is actually being used to improve the ads companies throw so many resources at.

Meanwhile, the digital advertising world is getting more and more competitive, and ads are getting less engagement than ever before

The answer is in the data. Yet marketers are consistently failing to look holistically at their own insights – and take all forms of data into consideration – before they start new campaigns. And it’s costing them dearly. 

How your intuition has you starting from scratch every time

When you’re planning your new ad campaign, it’s tempting to start on a fresh page. Especially if the last campaign didn’t quite go as planned, and you’d rather brush those results under the carpet.

You might want to go for a new colour palette, or try a different voice, or shoot some new photography in a style that’s more in-line with your current brand. At this point, it’s natural that your instincts start speaking to you about the ways you can improve your ads.

But your intuition doesn’t know better than the data. And using it as an excuse to ignore critical insights means that you’re always building campaigns on shaky ground. 

If you don’t take the time to truly understand the data, you’ll never truly understand who your audience is, where you can improve CTR and what creative and messaging resonates most with your customers.

And, unless you’re using creative data, you can’t truly understand any of these aspects of your marketing, and you’re effectively starting all your campaigns from scratch. 

But creative data has been so overlooked by the industry, that you may be hearing the term for the first time. So, let’s explore what creative data is and how to use it to better understand what drives results in your ad campaigns. 

You’re not truly data driven until you’re using your creative data 

Despite the marketing industry’s hyper-focus on targeting and audience, the creative aspect of your advertising is actually the most important part of your campaign. It’s responsible for at least 75% of the ad’s impact on your audience, after all.

Yet there’s a misconception that creativity can’t be understood using data, because the nature of ‘art’ can’t be distilled into numbers and insights like other aspects of marketing can be.  

But distilling creativity into numbers and insights is exactly what creative data is. 

Creative data is generated by analysing the creative parts of a campaign to identify the elements that are the most engaging for your audience. It’s done by breaking down all of the individual features and elements in each creative, from the placement of the logo, to the particular tone or feeling the creative inspires. 

By combining this analysis with the engagement data from your past campaigns, you can find which elements specifically result in a higher CTR for your ads. Then you can use this creative data to make hyper-engaging ads that are already pre-optimised for your audience.

Because the creative is so critical to ad success, using this powerful form of data to improve creative elements results in huge engagement gains for your campaigns. 

Yet, the overwhelming majority of marketers still don’t understand creative data at all. And without it, they’re stuck starting from scratch again and again and again.

How to pre-optimise your ads with creative data 

Creative data might help you build your campaigns on a bedrock of potent insights, but it’s not an easy form of data to gather. Analysing every single feature in every single ad, then cross-referencing them with the number of clicks is an endless task for a human being. As a result, creative data has been overlooked for decades, despite its potency. 

That’s why Datasine has created an AI-powered creative analysis engine to help you use your creative data to produce ads that perform. Every. Single. Time. 

By using Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, datasine breaks down all the creative assets in your past campaigns, then lets you know what creative elements are going to mean a successful campaign. This process has led to early CTR increases of up to 21% for our clients, and the insights only get more and more powerful over time as the machine learns more about your audience. 

Get in touch today to discover the untapped creative data that’s trapped in your campaigns.