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September 05, 2019
Jergan Callebaut

Every year marketing teams spend billions on Facebook ads – before even mentioning the cost of marketers’ time, sweat… and sometimes tears – yet the average CTR hovers at a stubborn 0.9%. The reality is that the vast, vast, vast majority of ads are scrolled right past.

So, it’s pretty obvious that picking the best image is crucial when trying to create successful Facebook ads.

People have completely different tastes when it comes to visual style. The more objective our image choices are, therefore, the better is the performance of marketing campaigns. But when we do find that winner, do we know why it works? Do we know exactly what features caused the higher CTR? Do we know how we’re going to recreate it in our next campaign, to make it better, even?

Enter Datasine Connect

We know that exceptional content is what makes a brand. We also know that analysing our data to very specifically target audiences is crucial for great ROI. But we rarely put the two together and use the data available to actually analyse what content works – and why.

This is why Datasine created Connect. Connect integrates with your Facebook Ads account and analyses your historical ad performance to identify the high-converting features within your ad creatives.

Connect’s predictive scoring uses AI and psychology to rate how appealing creatives will be for your Facebook audience. This allows you to test 100s of creatives at a time, before running any costly campaigns. This is significantly more scalable than your average A/B tests.

To test how AI can be used to choose the best images for Facebook ads, we ran a growth experiment, to demonstrate the impact using Connect has on our own campaigns.

The growth experiment

Our approach was to take images of the same person/object with a similar theme, but with different backgrounds and composition. We would use these to demonstrate how Connect AI marketing tool can identify the best pictures for this Facebook ads campaign.

Step 1. We ran the images through our Connect


We uploaded four promotion photos into a new album (we call them “Collections”) on Connect.

Step 2. Connect analysed the photos based on their appeal for our unique Facebook audience


Once uploaded, Connect assigns an appeal rating (out of a possible 100) to each image, and ranks the creatives in the order it’s predicting the ads’ engagement.

Connect is a collaborative AI, meaning it doesn’t just do the job for you, but it opens it’s ‘blackbox’ and shares what elements it detected in a photo and how it analysed their appeal.

Step 3. We matched the campaign with our usual Facebook audience and, once the campaign concluded, we analysed the results


For this campaign and experiment we focused on cost per click (CPC) and click through rate (CTR) as indicative KPIs.

The results

The experiment was a resounding success. The most successful Facebook ads corresponded identically with the numerical value Connect had assigned to them. The highest-scoring image achieved the lowest CPC (£1.62) with the highest CTR (1.11%). In fact, the CTR percentage topped the overall average CTR of 0.9% and totally smashed the B2B ads average 0.78% CTR.

Understanding of the semantic composition of your marketing content contributes heavily towards optimisation of your ads and effectively boosts the campaign performance while helping you reduce your marketing spend.

This experiment has effectively shown how an understanding of the semantic composition of your marketing content, in this case that of our ad images, contributes heavily towards optimisation of your ads and effectively boosts the campaign performance while helping you reduce your marketing spend.

Final thoughts

You cannot ignore the importance of analysing your Facebook ad campaign content – and AI can streamline this process for you. Conducting semantic content analysis, either yourself or using your Datasine Connect AI as your new team member, supercharges your KPIs.

Also, with so much unrelatable junk and spam advertising hitting us every second we’re online, marketers have the opportunity (and responsibility!) to deliver content that resonates with the user on a deeper level.

So, next time you are experimenting with Facebook ad creatives, make the process even more effective by trying out Connect – sign up for a FREE 14-day trial of Pro now..

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