The future is programmatic!

September 2, 2020

Here, we’ll explain a bit about what programmatic marketing is, and why we’re so in love with it.

What is programmatic marketing?

‘Programmatic marketing’ is an advanced, innovative strategy which involves real-time targeting and sophisticated automation. This enables deeply personalised, super-relevant, hyper-effective ad content.

Did that sound like a load of buzzwords and jargon to you? Don’t worry, we’ll break it down.

The first thing to know about programmatic marketing is that it uses real-time bidding. This is an automated auction process which lets advertisers bid on ad inventory (typically advertising space) on a CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions) basis.

Bidding at these auctions happens automatically. It’s also faster than a blink, meaning that the auction is completed and the inventory purchased while your customer is still lifting their finger from the click that brought them to your site.

Let’s run through the process.

You, the consumer, click on a site.

As you’re clicking, a bunch of hyperfast automated processes occur.

First, the site publisher sends details on available ad space to a Supply Side Platform (the tool web publishers use to sell ad space).

Secondly, the supply side platform investigates your cookies. From these, it gleans an idea of your interests, web behaviour, demographic etc, and draws conclusions about the kinds of ads which will be relevant for you. The supply side platform sends this information to relevant Demand Side Platforms (the tool advertisers use to buy space).

The demand side platforms each assign a value to you, depending on how good a lead you will be for their brand.

Finally, the supply side platform picks the highest bid, and loads up the winning ad to display on the page you’re visiting.

All before the page has even loaded!

Why do we love it?

We at Datasine are totally in love with programmatic marketing. 

That’s not just because we like shiny new tech. Programmatic marketing has serious, tangible benefits for everyone – not just tech marketers. For example:

  1. It gives you total control. With programmatic marketing you, the marketer, get to decide pretty much everything about the process. Sure, you may not be bidding directly in the actual auctions – but you are the ultimate puppetmaster. You can set the frequency of your ads. You can set the times and locations in which they’ll run. You can set the maximum amounts you want to pay. You can set advanced goals. Basically, you can completely tailor your automations to some seriously exact qualifications if you need to. Then, it’s just up to the ‘bots to crawl the web and find auctions which fit your criteria.
  2. You only pay for relevant impressions. Programmatic marketing is the opposite of blanket campaigning. It’s laser-focused on your target market, right down to the specific and individual level. So, you’re not wasting any resources. Everything you spend is going towards the people most likely to convert.
  3. It teaches you more about your audience. All marketing should teach you something about your audience if you’re analysing it right. But the tight focus and real-time nature of programmatic marketing heightens this effect. Through programmatic marketing, you can learn very quickly what content is resonating with which audiences. Insights will come thick and fast, enabling you to alter, pivot, and improve at speed.
  4. It gives your audience a better user experience. Everybody wants content that’s relevant to them. Your audiences will have a much better online experience with programmatic marketing, as everything they see will be tailored to their interests. Imagine walking through a street and finding everything in it beautiful, interesting, and appealing to you. Wouldn’t that be a lovely experience? That’s kind of what programmatic marketing aims to do for web users.
  5. It’s versatile. You can use programmatic marketing across most channels and mediums. Desktop, mobile, apps, video – programmatic marketing can reach them all. This enables you to reach huge, possibly untapped audiences with ease. Just make sure that you optimise your ads for the mediums you’re targeting!
  6. It makes campaign management much more efficient. Because so much of the process is automated, programmatic marketing allows you to streamline your campaign management processes like nothing else. Programmatic marketing platforms give you everything you need in a single place – and take care of things like delivery for you.

Best of all, it has huge potential.

Programmatic marketing is at the cutting edge of marketing innovation. Companies are already investing over $60 million annually in it, and that figure is set to grow massively over the coming years.

With the right data-driven insights, programmatic marketing can save marketers an enormous amount of time and resources while simultaneously driving conversions. It can also give audiences exactly what they want to see, which improves their user experience and their relationship with the brand.

As the technology develops, programmatic marketing could make a huge difference to the way we use the web – both as marketers and as users. It will take the guesswork out of marketing. It will give us all a bespoke internet experience. It will fast-forward relationship-building between customers and brands.

There is every reason to love programmatic marketing. We at Datasine think that this kind of innovation is exactly what the world needs.