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Increasing results

We combine your creativity with our data to tell you what is working, what isn’t and – most importantly – what you can do about it!


Uplift in conversion



Increase in CTR

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Decrease in CPC

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Popular British Telecom - Case studies

Popular British Telecom

Content Atomisation for Paid Social
  • Creative audit & analysis of historical Facebook campaigns
  • Generated new ad creatives to engage audience

“Using Content Atomisation our client was able to access unrivalled insights using the hidden data in their ad creatives.”

– Managing Partner, Rapp UK

Tinktoff Bank

Content Atomisation for CRM
  • CRM integration, analysis and audience segmentation
  • Personalised marketing materials for six audiences
    • Content & audience insights
    • Customer segmentation
    • Personalised email campaigns

“We were highly impressed with Datasine’s content personalisation”

– Head of Data Monetisation, Tinktoff Bank

Tinktoff bank - Case study

The Datasine’s platform

Improving performance with data-led creative insights. Datasine is a software-as-a-service platform that is accessed via a web browser on either desktop or mobile. We can ​enable​ creatives to work in new and exciting ways, to experiment and take risks, and to drive the effectiveness of things they make in the future.

Four Paws - Case study

Four Paws

Smart image selection

Datasine predicted from past Facebook Audience engagement data the images that would increase conversions of digital donations.

  • Increase ads CTR and conversions
  • Decreased CPC and CPA
  • Increased brand awareness

“Identifying the best possible imagery meant our campaigns were significantly more profitable.”

– Digital Fundraising Lead, Four Paws

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Improving performance with data-driven creative intelligence.

  • Content Atomisation for Paid Social
  • Content Atomisation for CRM
  • Smart image selection