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A fine vintage: 10 MAD//Fest London highlights

Posted: October 23, 2019 at 3:49 pm

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This article was originally published on MAD//Fest.

According to The Guardian, you can’t get a decent bottle of wine for less than £6 (blame the tax man).

We’re not wine connoisseurs but you can expect a damn fine vintage of crisp content, fresh networking and full bodied brand experiences shared with the industry’s 4,000 most influential leaders, including the Datasine team, at this year’s MAD//Fest London on 13-14 November. 

Here’s 10 MAD//Fest highlights to tickle your tastebuds:

1. Diageo £20k+ search for brand experience partners 

Diageo is in the market for brand experience innovations. Discover how start-ups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this live £20k pitch competition which also includes an interview with Mumsnet Founder Justine Roberts CBE. Click here to enter.

2. Starling Bank on disrupting banking

They’ve just launched their first TV campaign and been crowned ‘Bank of the Year’ – get under the hood of what’s driving disruption and growth in this keynote from Chief Growth Officer Rachael Pollard. View the agenda here.

3. Burger King on re-inventing a legacy brand

Don’t miss a whopper of a session as CMO Katie Evans explains how and why Burger King has breathed life into its marketing through innovation, smart media campaigns and some stunning stuff on social. Click here for the speaker line-up.

4. Greggs: from sausage rolls + social to Brand of the Year

Ok, Piers Morgan isn’t a fan, but the vegan sausage roll craze, cheeky PR stunts (will we see their return in Fenwick’s Christmas window this year?) and humorous, good-natured marketing that excels on social has fuelled Greggs’ rise to Marketing Week’s Brand of the Year. So what’s next for Newcastle’s finest purveyor of baked goods? Don’t miss this Cracker of a keynote interview with the mastermind of the brand, Greggs’ Marketing Director Hannah Squirrel.       

5. The Dishoom story from Co-founder Shamil Thakrar

It isn’t only about next-level naans – Dishoom’s rise is thanks in no small part to its focus on storytelling, authenticity and a brilliant experience. Get the inside track into this casual dining sector success story from Co-founder Shamil Thakrar. Click here to buy a ticket.



6. Avon calling: £20k personalisation pitch

Don’t miss more live innovation as we join forces with global beauty Avon for a £20k pitch focusing on mobile content, e-commerce + personalisation partners.

7. Daring to be Different: Olympic Legends on winning hearts, minds + medals

Join Olympic track and field legends Denise Lewis OBE + Michelle Griffiths-Robinson plus Chelsea + England footballers Anita Asante + Drew Spence for a discussion on how it takes bravery and tenacity to change perceptions and dare to be different.

8. The only way is ethics: Extinction Rebellion, Financial Times + GSK

Don’t miss these deep dives into environmental responsibility, brand safety and purpose – essential listening for anyone who cares about the real impact of their business and marketing investment.

9. The MAD Brit//Keller

Brexit is crazy, the Brit//Keller is MAD (in a good way). Expect Munich vibe, British beer from the brilliant brewer Shepherd Neame and intelligent conversation from the likes of . Red Bull, One Plus, Paddy Power, HP and easyJet. Grab your ticket here and raise a glass to the freshest marketing, advertising and  disruption festival you’re likely to attend this year.

10. What really makes us click?

London-based martech startup, Datasine’s, CEO joins Tania Feeley, Managing Partner at brand agency RAPP, to talk about how we can understand our customers better using AI and psychology. An unmissable session for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of what their audience wants to see. 


MAD//Fest London takes place on 13-14 Nov at The Old Truman Brewery.


Datasine joins IAB UK

Posted: October 16, 2019 at 3:14 pm

Categories: Company and culture


We’re really happy to reveal that we’ve joined the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK), the trade association for digital advertising.

IAB members include the UK’s biggest, most disruptive and innovative martech, adtech and media agencies –  so we’re going to fit right in. 😎Check out their full list of 1,200 members

Who are IAB?

Founded in 1997, IAB are on a mission to build a sustainable future for the digital marketing industry. A non-profit organisation, they work to promote industry collaboration to “develop standards, best practices, critical research and provide the educational resources businesses need to grow their brands both successfully and sustainably”.

Their work focuses on three principles, which are:

  1. To tackle and address the big issues in digital advertising, such as GDPR and ad fraud 
  2. To highlight what works and celebrate what digital advertising has to offer, providing events and resources to support brands as well as agencies 
  3. To look to the future and help businesses to prepare

These are three principles that we staunchly stand behind in our work too. 


Why did we join IAB?

We joined IAB because we know Datasine is doing something completely new that has the potential to innovate the digital marketing industry, and make marketers lives easier. This is something we want to share. 

Datasine Co-Founder and CEO commented: “As a member of IAB, we can help shape and transform the digital media industry by opening a continuing dialogue with like-minded peers and organisations who are also at the forefront of innovation”. 

We will also have the opportunity to be part of a bigger group focused on building a sustainable, fair future for digital advertising so it can keep thriving for many years to come.

The speakers tackling AI, psychology and the changing pace of marketing at Marketing 20:20

Posted: October 2, 2019 at 11:18 am

Categories: Company and culture


In the wake of innovative technologies such as AI and the stampede of societal progress, the world of marketing in 2019 continues to evolve at a staggering pace.

That’s exactly why taking a pause, looking back and evolving yourself and your approach is so key. And that’s why, on November 18th, Datasine are hosting marketing’s top innovators and disruptors in London’s chic ‘M’ restaurant for a networking brunch – with a focus on the disruptive power of AI and psychology in marketing.

Attendees are invited to escape work for a morning with the aim of supercharging CTRs and maximising ROIs. Though most importantly, guests will be treated to exclusive insights into how to stand out in the super-competitive market of 2019.

We’re thrilled to reveal that the following innovators from London’s community will be presenting at Marketing 20:20.


Becky Simms: Reflect Digital, Founder and CEO 

Multi-award winning digital marketing agency, Reflect Digital’s, CEO and founder, Becky Simms, will be presenting “The future of search is understanding human psychology”. 

Winner of KEIBA’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016 and an online marketing veteran with over a decade in the industry under her belt, Simms will call on her vast experience to offer unmissable insights into how psychology will shape the future of customer relationships.

Prepare to leave this presentation with a notebook full of actionable tips for developing a stronger search strategy – as well as a deeper understanding of the psychology behind your customer’s behaviours.


Igor Volzhanin: Datasine, CEO

Our very own CEO, Igor Volzhanin, will be taking the stage at Marketing 20:20 to present: “The use of AI in content personalisation and optimisation”.

Prior to founding Datasine, Volzhanin worked in international development for five years, and has lived in New York, Frankfurt, Tirana and New Delhi. Passionate about helping companies build meaningful relationships with their customers, he’ll be taking us through Datasine’s journey to personalise how brands communicate with their audience using AI, psychology and semantic content analysis.

Expect to draw inspiration for injecting that next level of personalisation into your brand’s communication using their content preferences and AI.


Kieran S-Lawler: Hallam, Senior Social Media Strategist

The “fast-talking Scouse Social Media Executive” (his words not ours!) Kieran S-Lawler, Nottingham-based digital marketing agency Hallam’s Senior Social Media Strategist, will also be joining us. He’ll be drawing on his vast experience from a career focused on social media and content strategy to deliver sage advice to all the social media evangelists amongst us.

S-Lawler has not yet confirmed what his presentation will be titled, but, given his extensive experience, anticipate a lively discussion on the state-of-play of social media in 2019 and beyond – and bank on going home with a lot of brand-new insights to bring to your own strategy.

What are content preferences and how do we use them?

Posted: October 1, 2019 at 3:57 pm

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‘Content preferences’ is a term that’s used in marketing in several different ways for a variety of reasons. And if you’ve visited our website, you’ve probably noticed us talking about using your audience’s content preferences to predict the most engaging marketing assets. 

When someone says ‘content preferences’ they might be talking about what type of content someone prefers to consume more generally, for example, are they more of a reader or a video watcher. They might also be talking about what topics audiences like, whether they like content focused on extreme sports or mindfulness, for example. 

At Datasine, we define content in a much more granular way, all the way down to an individual image or sentence. For us, that means content preferences are the very specific elements within that content that users want to engage in marketing assets: what about it motivates them to ‘click’ – or not. In an image, that might be a particular colour that makes it stand out to them, for example, or the inclusion of flowers if they’re a gardening fan. For text, this could be a particular turn of phrase, or a feeling evoked by a sentence.

We gain knowledge into what users’ content preferences are by first understanding what features make up the content. 

What are ‘content features’?

Content features are essentially all the parts that are present in each piece of content. These are identifiable in any kind of content (images, video, text, etc.), but we’ll be focusing on images for this article. 

These features are how we as humans talk about and understand images: what is actually in it (e.g. physical objects) as well as how we perceive what’s going on in the image (e.g does it seem staged or natural?).

For example, we might identify the following features:


Some of the features we found present in a marketing image when we ran it through our AI platform, Connect

By identifying content features (a process we at Datasine refer to as semantic content analysis), we’re able to extract and measure these attributes from each piece of content.

How a computer understands content features

Computers can be trained to identify these very human judgements using modern tools like machine learning, but it requires a bit of extra work. We first have to collect thousands of human judgements – or labels – on diverse marketing assets with text and images. The types of labels we’re interested in, such as whether an image is professional or casual, are informed by surveys with marketers, academic research into brand communication and proprietary research. 

Once we have these labels, we can use powerful neural network models called convolutional and recurrent networks, to predict human judgements on new content, and these predictions are our features.

How content features can be used to establish content preferences

Once the content features have been extracted, we‘re able to use them to establish an audience’s or an individual’s content preferences.

To uncover what the user wants to see, we can analyse whether viewers engaged more when the feature was present or not. That way we can understand what is making people click.

If they engaged every time the image contained nature scenes, for example, they’re likely to prefer this kind of imagery in the future. So if you used natural imagery in an ad, that particular user or group of users would be more likely to click because it aligns with their content preferences. On the other hand, if they found lively imagery less engaging, they don’t want to see content containing this in the future.

At Datasine, we establish your audience’s content preferences using our AI model Connect, which offers three distinct levels of insight depending on the version you choose. 

How content preferences work for Free

For the Free version of Connect, our AI model has been trained on data from a general audience, which we collect through a series of large online surveys. In this plan, we use our machine learning platform to understand the content preferences of the general audience.


Since the Free version has been trained on generic survey data, it’s not tailored to you or your brand, and it doesn’t consider the specific images you use to sell your product and it’s not based on the audience you’re targeting. Instead it offers helpful insights into what images will give you the highest click through rate for the average person, and is great for marketers primarily using diverse stock imagery to build early traction.

Try it out for free now

How content preferences work for Pro

With Connect’s Pro plan, the AI model is trained specifically on the engagement data of your audience. Connect combs through all your previous campaigns to see what features your audience have found more engaging, and offers distinct insights for your brand that will enhance engagement. 

The suggestions Connect makes at this level are tailored to your brand, your specific imagery and your tone of voice. It helps you find the most engaging content for your average customer based on the content preferences of that specific group.

Sign up for a 14-day FREE trial of Pro now.

How content preferences work for Enterprise

The Enterprise version of Connect builds individual content preference maps for each customer within your CRM, and can use additional data such as orders and demographics to further improve performance. With individual-level preferences, Enterprise offers insights for segments of all sizes, from large audiences right down to specific individuals within your customer base. These preference maps are a valuable data source which can be used in downstream business applications.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming an Enterprise user. 

3 reasons to attend #SuperchargeMarketing

Posted: September 19, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Categories: Company and culture


On the October 29, Datasine are hosting London’s most innovative digital marketers in the next instalment of our popular #Supercharge series: #SuperchargeMarketing

The free evening features exciting guest speakers, the opportunity to trial Datasine’s AI martech platform (expect to walk away with pragmatic insights) and plenty of chances to network with your peers.

We’ll be opening the doors of the chic Zetland House, Shoreditch, to an anticipated 100 movers and shakers in the marketing industry. Here’s just three of the (many) reasons to attend one of the city’s most future-facing events.  

Register for FREE

Actionable insights for enhancing your ROI

As a marketer, chasing ROI can become all-consuming, and under all that pressure it can be hard to take a step back and actually assess the techniques you are employing.

supercharge marketing networking

Hearing about your peers’ approaches to the same, daunting task will be the shake up you need to take a hard look at your approach – and make the changes that will send your ROI skyrocketing. That’s why the multiple speakers at #SuperchargeMarketing will be lifting the lid on their best marketing secrets and insights into the industry, now and in the coming years.

Don’t forget to come equipped with your pressing marketing questions. There’ll be a fireside chat with some of London’s most exciting brands and a Q&A where we’ll be opening up the floor to the audience.

Opportunities to network with your peers

Our attendees make up of the industry’s most forward-thinking minds – and we’ll be providing multiple opportunities for those minds to meet. 

Join the trendy-but-relaxed environment of Zetland House ready for some in-depth discussions with some of marketing’s finest. Whether you’re thinking about your next career jump, looking for practical techniques to improve your marketing strategy or just thirsting for stimulating conversation with your peers, #SuperchargeMarketing will offer the networking opportunity for you. 

Dust off that contact book and get ready to meet some like-minded individuals as you build the meaningful relationships that will supercharge your career.

Free pizza and beer

This one’s pretty self explanatory. We’ll have a fully stocked fridge full of alcoholic and soft drinks waiting for you – plus as much pizza as you can eat. If that can’t convince you, nothing can!

Sign up for the FREE event now while limited spaces still last – and we’ll see you there.

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