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Marketing in 2020 & Beyond: Creative Empathy

Some say that Covid-19 and everything else that 2020 threw at us has changed the world. In many ways, it has. But in other ways, it’s simply speeded up a process that was already well underway.

The conversation about AI in marketing was already happening – but the events of 2020 have made it both louder and more nuanced.


Marketing in 2020 Creative Empathy WP

“Digital marketing demands an instantaneous response to the things that are happening in the world. That requires marketing professionals to be able to use data to adapt their creatives, message, visual and textual content on a continual basis in line with changing audience attitudes.”

Chris Loy

CTO, Datasine

Datasine partnered with Sapio Research to learn more about how 2020 is shaping the role of AI in marketing, and how the role of AI tech can be beneficially expanded in the future.

We discovered that even the best-prepared brands struggled to respond to the crises of 2020.

But could AI have made a difference?

Our research shows that the brands that will flourish are those which embrace AI and new tech solutions. That when it comes to empathising AI can actually help marketers connect with their audience on a deeper level.

But how can brands strike the right balance of AI and human empathy? 

Download our whitepaper to find out.