Data Ethics Policy

Since starting Datasine in 2015, our goal has been to help companies create better, and more personal, content. What we are doing has never really been done before, so there are no established guidelines we can follow. That is why we do what we feel is right.

We believe an ethics policy needs to be practical. We’ve therefore decided to make our policies as concise and actionable as possible, with clear examples wherever possible.

  1. We will never work with customers whose ethical values do not align with ours. Personalisation should be in the interests of both the companies we work with and their customers, and should be aligned with our goal to make the customer experience more informed, personal and compelling. To ensure this, we do not and will not work with: online & offline gambling companies, gun & weapons retailers or promoters, political parties, or any other company that promotes hate speech or discriminates against age, body size, education, socioeconomic status, personal appearance, religion, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, race, sexuality, …
  2. We aim to help as many non-profit organisations as possible. As we care about the mental wellbeing of individuals, and our society. We offer non-profit organisations a discount to be able to use our services, helping them with their mission.
  3. We actively try to avoid AI prejudice and bias. On top of developing methods that remove prejudice from our datasets, we strongly believe that diversity decreases any possible cognitive bias when analysing data and developing our product. In line with our HR policy, DataSine’s workforce is represented by a varied mix of happy people of all genders, nationalities, ages, sexualities and religions.
  4. We never store personally identifiable data. As we have no use for it, interest, nor wish to know people’s private lives, we will never store any private information. Each customer is given a unique anonymous identifier, meaning that we do not need to store any personally identifiable information such as names and email addresses.
  5. We won’t ever exploit data to target, or help companies target, vulnerable individuals. Ever.
  6. We will never permit negative, hateful, inappropriate content suggestions through our platform. We do our absolute best to make sure our content suggestions are not negative, hateful, or inappropriate. By signing up to our platform, you approve our code of conduct which prevents you from using our platform for negative, hateful and inappropriate content.
  7. We do not use third party data to create customer content preferences profiles. We highly value our own privacy and that of other people. We believe it is inappropriate to include sensitive or private information to provide better and more personal customer engagement.
  8. We do not work with EU companies that are not GDPR compliant. We love the EU and its new GDPR legislation. Unless your customers have given clear and informed consent, our profiling and personalisation tools will not be used in any way that may contravene the letter or the spirit of GDPR.
  9. You will always be able to contact us directly and raise any ethical questions you may have. We strongly believe in open communication. We will review and publish any of your questions in a transparent and open way. Please feel free to always drop us a line at: