Datasine’s platform works by using AI to analyse an under-appreciated form of data – creative data. Creative data is made up of all the elements within creative content (e.g the copy, the colours, words, objects, and even how an image ‘feels)’, and the engagement data of your audience (e.g when they clicked, didn’t click, or bought your product).

It then uses what it’s learned to predict how well any number of assets uploaded onto the platform will perform for your unique audiences and predict how successfully assets from content libraries integrated with the platform will perform for you. Datasine’s platform will also provide insights into which features are more or less engaging in order to help you craft more successful campaigns.

Datasine’s platform empowers marketers with intelligent, data-driven insights to improve the performance of creative content. Our platform gives you real, personalised insights into each and every customer. Enabling you to connect with your customers on an individual level at scale. And all while saving you time, money, and effort.