What can I achieve with Datasine?

Datasine allows you to improve your engagement metrics and conversions by analysing creative content and telling you exactly what your customers like (and why they like it). This enables you to create intensively tailored and targeted content which will immediately grab the attention of your audience. There’s no need for dynamic testing, meaning that your ROI and engagement metrics will both improve right from the get-go. Removing the guesswork means that you can let your innovative creativity run free without risking a negative reaction.

How does Datasine work?

Datasine’s platform works by using AI to analyse an under-appreciated form of data – creative data. Creative data is made up of all the elements within creative content (e.g the copy, the colours, words, objects, and even how an image ‘feels)’, and the engagement data of your audience (e.g when they clicked, didn’t click, or bought your product). 

It then uses what it’s learned to predict how well any number of assets uploaded onto the platform will perform for your unique audiences and predict how successfully assets from content libraries integrated with the platform will perform for you. Datasine’s platform will also provide insights into which features are more or less engaging in order to help you craft more successful campaigns.

Datasine’s platform empowers marketers with intelligent, data-driven insights to improve the performance of creative content. Our platform gives you real, personalised insights into each and every customer. Enabling you to connect with your customers on an individual level at scale. And all while saving you time, money, and effort.

Why does the creative matter?

Your creative is behind every click. 

Creative quality determines 75% of ad impact and creatively-awarded campaigns are 27% more effective. After all the targeting and budget optimisation you do, the creative determines the response and engagement you receive from your audience. 

Communicating in a consistent, compelling and engaging manner can be done with the right creative. But achieving that across audiences and placements is hard. And can be costly when not optimised yielding low ROI on your ad spend. 

Datasine turns this challenge into an opportunity for you to speak to your target audiences in the way they want to be spoken to. 

What are the benefits of AI?

AI can accurately analyse thousands and thousands of pieces of data per second, then compare them to others and draw out patterns which a team of humans working 24/7 would take weeks to gather. An AI can do the mundane work of data parsing and analysing in a fraction of the time it would take a human. This not only means that insights can be drawn from that data in double-quick time, it also frees up human marketers to do the important work of creating and communicating.

How does Datasine improve my marketing performance?

Datasine helps brands increase the performance of their marketing activity by identifying the content that their audience finds the most engaging. Datasine does this with it’s own unique creative optimisation models. Datasine analyses the creative data from past and future campaigns (creative data is made up of all the elements that form your content, you can read more about it in this blog) and using it to train an AI model. These optimisation models empower marketers, like you, to write the most effective copy and find and select the best creative assets. The creative assets can be selected from your own repository or from 3rd party image banks. Best of all, our model can predict the performance of assets uploaded into the platform or which are available in content libraries integrated with the platform. It can then provide actionable content insights to help craft campaigns. 

Using the Datasine’s platform, early adopters have seen engagement gains of upwards of 77%.  

Why is model testing better than A/B testing?

A/B testing does (eventually) work, but it’s significantly more expensive in the long run to test this way. Testing wastes huge amounts of money, time and resources in pursuit of perfectly optimised content, which is why it’s rarely done.

Approaches like putting lots of ads live and letting Facebook optimise essentially means that you’re allowing the channel to test different versions of your content until they find the best one. So, thousands (even millions!) of possible customers end up seeing un-optimised ads that don’t push the right message and that don’t lead to a sale. This means many, many lost opportunities and a lot of your budget wasted.

With Datasine, you know exactly what content is going to perform best for you before running costly campaigns, leading to conversion gains of up to 77%.

How can Datasine's AI reduce Facebook spend?

Datasine reduces Facebook spend because it enables you to test your creative before publishing your ads. This means you don’t have to spend any advertising budget to test your content in the live environment. A/B or dynamic testing can waste up to 70% of your budget. However, when you are using creative content that you already know your audience will find engaging, your CTR and conversion rate skyrockets while your CPC goes down.

What's the difference between Datasine and basic image tagging?

The most important difference is that Datasine goes a lot, lot deeper and more detailed than image tagging ever could. Datasine can tell you what is working, what isn’t and what you can do about it. Datasine don’t just tag; we test, predict and offer actionable insights. 

Our AI breaks down your creative content into many different elements, including not just the kinds of things you’d tag (objects featured, brands featured etc), but also things like the feel of the piece, the mood it evokes and so on. This builds a much fuller picture of the psychological impact your content will have than a simple cross-comparison of tagged images.

Is Datasine for brands or agencies?

Datasine’s platform can be used to increase creative performance for any company or team that runs or creates campaigns which includes brands and agencies.

What about OOH and print advertising?

Datasine’s platform needs creative data to analyse, predict and draw insights from. Currently, we are only able to gather this digitally, meaning that the platform is geared towards digital marketing campaigns. 

But this doesn’t mean that the insights and predictions can’t be applied to OOH and print campaigns too – you can run them through the platform if you have digital copies and it will help you optimise your OOH and print advertising. Just bear in mind that our data will be geared towards your online audience, and insights from a digital audience may not transfer to an OOH and/or print audience.

What results should I expect from using Datasine?

Our early adopters have seen performance gains of up to 80% in customer engagement. And, without having to spend around 70% of their creative budget on testing, marketers can spend significantly less to achieve significantly more conversions. 

Please bear in mind that it can take up to three campaigns for the platform to start to show truly outstanding results as your AI model adjusts to your audience. 

How long does it take to implement the Datasine platform?

The first phase of your Datasine trial starts with a seamless onboarding process:

  • We will create your customised account.
  • Ingest and explore the data. 
  • Create bespoke AI models based on your audiences and specific requirements. 

You’ll then receive access to Datasine’s platform and receive training to get started. All of this is completed within 7-14 days and then you’re ready to start improving your marketing results! 

How long does it take to get started?

Integrating with Facebook and Instagram is quick and easy with a simple click of a button!

What creative insights does Datasine provide?

Datasine’s software analyses your Facebook & Instagram marketing campaigns and offers insight on the relationship between your creatives and their performance. You can learn what combinations of visual features and text improve the performance of your ads for your different audiences and placements. 

How can I use Datasine to select the best creative assets?

You can use Datasine to select the best creative assets in three key ways: 

  1. You can upload multiple assets onto the platform, and an AI trained on your creative data will predict which assets will be most successful for your audience. That way, you’ll be running campaigns with only the best content, meaning your ad performance will skyrocket. 
  2. Datasine is integrated with several content libraries, and will automatically provide predictions for the success of a range of stock images you may be considering for your campaign. This means you can select from any number of images the ones which will perform best for your audience.
  3. The platform will provide you with insights into what kind of performance works well for your audience, and what features have proven to be the most engaging. Using these insights, you can craft much better performing campaigns.
What platforms can I integrate with?

Facebook & Instagram Ads, Mailchimp and it happens with the click of a button. 

Shutterstock and Unsplash are natively integrated within the platform.

More integrations are on the way. 

What image libraries are you integrated with?

When using Datasine’s platform, you will have access to our integrations with Unsplash & Shutterstock. You can also search for images that you have used in your Facebook advertising and in your own library. Your library consists of all the images you have ever uploaded onto our platform.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we don’t store any customer information, Datasine’s platform is 100% GDPR compliant. Feel free to check out our Code of Conduct.

Does Datasine access personal data?

No, the Datasine platform does not access personal marketing data or the personal data of your audience. The data we use is the creative data of your campaigns (essentially the features present in your creative content) and the engagement data from your audience (whether they engaged with an ad or not).

Does Datasine store any data?

We don’t store any personally identifiable information. All your data is stored securely and no one apart from our support staff can access it.

Can I use the images Datasine suggests for my marketing campaigns?

A – Absolutely! They are provided by Unsplash and Shutterstock. 

Our license allows you to use Unsplash images for free. You can use them for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer or Unsplash, although it is appreciated when possible. To learn more about Unsplash click here:https://unsplash.com/license.

You can purchase Shutterstock images from their website, but you can find the right link and details on Datasine’s platform.

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