Datasine’s platform features

With Datasine’s unique platform features, you can get engagement gains without having to guess what will and will not inspire your audience.

Pre-campaign optimisations

Pre-campaign optimisation

Before even starting to craft your campaign, you’ll be equipped with knowledge about the creative content which will drive the highest engagement with your audience.

Upload your copy, CTA, & image assets and put them through our image & text scoring process to find the highest converting combinations. This empowers you to limit time wasted and budget on live-testing ads which in the end haven’t performed well for your audience and your brand.

Live recommendations

Optimise the creatives of live campaigns. As well as predicting the performance of creative content, Datasine’s platform also gives you suggestions about which content to prioritise, which to pause (both across campaigns and within your adsets) and which ads are fatigued. Datasine will even help with suggestions for new ad content and imagery – simply upload new assets and our platform will predict which ad set and/or campaign they’ll be most effective in with our unique performance impact score.

Live monitoring and Optimiastions
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Discover audiences

Creative data

Our platform enables you to validate and generate headlines, copy body, and CTAs based on your own input, your creative content, your marketing objectives, and the campaign brief. View historical analysis of all of your campaigns and the creative assets and visual elements that perform the best for your audience.
This helps you to choose the highest performing imagery and copy from the very start, saving you time and boosting your ROI. Marketers get insights into the best creative assets to use combined with AI generated suggestions about which audience to test with – all of which increases the ROI, learning, and efficiency of your advertising campaign.

Competitor Insights

Compare your advertising performance to your competitors and industry benchmarks. The competitors displayed are of your choice in the Datasine platform. Track the performance of competitors creatives across Google Display, Facebook & Instagram ads.

Campaign brief

Smart content & image libraries

Based on your campaign brief, marketing objectives, and your audience, our models will automatically show you the best, most high-converting visual content and imagery from stock libraries such as Shutterstock, Getty and Unsplash and from your own image library.

This saves you a huge amount of time trawling through finding images for your marketing campaigns. Dynamic suggestions will be shown for both live and future campaigns, identifying high and low performing assets specific to your audience.

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