We help you understand what your customers want to see. Let’s explain how.

Connect uses AI trained on your customers’ behaviour to rate the content you upload so you know what your audience wants to see. We’ll go ahead and break that down for you.

How it works


We pull together all your previous campaigns and analyse every asset using AI

To get to know what your customers want, we need to get to know what they like to see from you.


Our AI is trained to look at content using psychology like a top marketer

We use behavioural data to identify how your audience responds to certain types of content.


We examine all the thousands of unique features in your content

Connect uses computer vision and natural language processing to understand the content by breaking it down into features.


We analyse the engagement between your audiences and the unique features in your content

Our AI can see what your customers clicked on and what drove them to engage.


Using this data, we make a custom AI model trained on the preferences of your audience: what works and what doesn't

The model rates the content you upload, allowing you to choose between dozens and dozens of options.


When creating assets let our AI predict how effective they will be for your specific audience before you trigger costly campaigns

Confirm your campaign is going to make the right impact on your audience so you can hit ‘send’ with confidence.


Put your money on the right content, knowing that you are connecting with your audience

The more you use Connect, the more your AI model will learn – and the more accurate it will become.