Who is Datasine’s platform for?

Our platform is for marketers seeking intelligent insights about their creative content such as Performance Marketers, Head of Marketing, Creative agencies and many, many more.

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How can Datasine help performance marketers?

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Let’s take a look at the case of performance marketer Paul.

Paul works closely with the performance metrics of a large brand who do most of their advertising on social media. His broad aim is to raise awareness, acquisition, ROAS, and retention.
Paul is responsible for coming up with things like the overall messaging for campaigns, but he collaborates with a team of designers to produce the actual creative content.
While they work well together, it’s impossible to agree 100% of the time when so much of the conventional creative process is essentially educated guesswork. Challenges with communication and ‘creative differences’ do sometimes rear their heads.
Paul’s bottom line is always on the performance of any creative piece. What’s more, Paul’s job involves getting pretty granular with data, so he believes that incremental change is the way forward when optimising. He’s a fine-tuner, not a ‘wipe it all out and start again’ kind of guy.
Paul believes that constant testing and tweaking is the key to getting the very best performance from creative content – but he finds a couple of things frustrating about the testing process.

  1. It takes time and costs money, which reduces ROAS.
  2. It increases the back-and-forth between himself and the design team, which (again) takes time, costs money, and can results in complicated communication streams.

By switching to Datasine’s platform. Paul’s life got easier on a number of levels:

  1. He is now able to monitor his all-important metrics closely, in real-time, and with granular insights about how creative content is directly impacting performance.
  2. All members of his team can test creative assets and variants as they go, within the platform itself, in a transparent manner which slashes the need for complicated back-and-forth.
  3. Being able to see at a glance which creative designs and assets will perform best empowers the designers’ creativity and resolves creative differences, while simultaneously putting Paul’s performance-based mind at ease. This enhanced transparency and communication also makes it much easier and faster for Paul to make decisions on live campaigns.
  4. Because it leverages all your historical and previous testing data, AI-based in-platform testing gives much, much higher ROAS than using Facebook to A/B test.

Why should a Marketing Director use Datasine?Sally persona image

Marketing Directors/Channel heads have a lot on their plates. At any one time, they may be responsible for the success of several campaigns across a number of different channels.

Let’s take a look at Sally.

Sally is a Marketing Director. Every day, she must spread her focus across a multi-channel, multi-campaign set of KPIs. This is a hefty workload, so she relies on excellent communication from performance marketers like Paul, as well as campaign managers and other key team members.

On a day-to-day basis, Sally is most interested in the bottom-line metrics – CPA/CPR, Conversions, Spend, Impressions, Clicks, CTR, ROAS etc. She delegates the finer details to Paul and his colleagues, and hopes that they will alert her when something needs her attention.

Sally is responsible for the brand’s creative and content strategy. She briefs the internal performance marketing team and design team on the overarching requirements for campaigns. She handles the strategy, and tends to leave the more tactical details up to Paul and his creative collaborators.

While Sally respects the creative process, she also knows that it can be a drain on resources. She puts a great deal of effort into fighting for her budget, so she finds it frustrating when creative content which she’s spent a lot of that budget developing and testing performs poorly.

Sally wants a system which enables that all-important communication and collaboration that she relies upon. She would also love a solution to the uncertainty of the creative process. If she could only know early on how creative content would perform, before too much of her budget had disappeared into its development, her life would be much easier.

By turning to Datasine, Sally has been able to solve these problems and many more:

  1. Datasine’s creative data reporting gives both Sally and Paul the tools and language they need to quickly and efficiently communicate about creative content and its performance.
  2. Through using Datasine’s pre-opitmisation tools, Sally’s teams know immediately which creative assets will perform best against campaign KPIs. This enables them to pour all their creative drive into the right designs – with no guesswork and no wrong turns. A lifesaver for Sally’s budget!
  3. Sally has all the insights she needs at creative level, enabling her to track competitors and make a better strategic impact when building advertising campaigns.
  4. Sally can now see at a glance how each of her campaigns are performing, see how that performance relates to creative content, and instruct exactly the right changes to be made in the platform, in real-time. As a result, her KPIs are rising and all her metrics are looking healthy.

How can creative teams benefit from Datasine’s platform?creative persona image

Let’s turn our attention to Sam, Nikki, and Mo.

Sam, Nikki, and Mo are all integral to their brand’s creative marketing process. Sam is a copywriter, Nikki is a web designer, and Mo is a graphic artist.

They’re all highly creative people with a strong investment in producing high quality content. However, they often find it hard to reconcile their creative mindsets with the performance-driven needs of colleagues like Sally and Paul.

Each of these people understands that the creative process takes a lot of trial and error. However, while they’re talented marketers and understand what their audiences want, they sometimes find it hard to communicate their needs and their thought processes to Paul and Sally. Sometimes, the language of creativity and the language of data-driven performance just don’t match up.

What’s more, when (as sometimes happens to the best of us!) Sam, or Nikki, or Mo makes a creative decision which doesn’t land like they expected, it’s both a personal and a professional blow. Not to mention that it’s frustrating to go back and redo pieces which aren’t matching performance goals.

On the other hand, it’s equally frustrating to try and explain the creative thinking behind certain artistic choices to Sally and Paul, who are risk-averse, interested in the bottom line and may not see the connection between a particularly bold creative choice and enhanced ad performance.

How can Datasine help Sam, Nikki, and Mo? Well:

  1. It brings the worlds of data and creativity together. It enables Sam, Nikki, and Mo to explain their creative decisions in data-driven ways which Sally and Paul will understand. If Mo has opted for a bold design which Paul is wary of, Mo can run the design through Datasine’s model and show Paul exactly how and why this design will work.
  2. It gives Sam, Nikki, and Mo more power over their creative decisions. With data science to back up their choices and slash the risk of non-engagement, they have more freedom to experiment and push the envelope with their art.
  3. It reduces the portion of their budget needed for things like testing, which means that budget can be spent on things like new software, training, materials, and other things which will ultimately help them to do what they do best: make creative content.

Marketing problems in the digital age

In the world of digital marketing, an engagement increase of just 5% can represent a seven digit increase in top-line sales content optimisation is clearly the way to achieve these engagement gains.
With Datasine’s unique platform features, you can get those engagement gains without having to guess what will and will not inspire your audience. The AI analyses your ads giving you an insight to how they’ll perform before your campaigns even go live.

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How it works

From analysing your previous campaigns and the on-going optimisations, the step-by-step process of how our unique AI algorithms learns the wants of your customer and tailors the campaigns for them constantly. Meaning the greater ROI from your marketing campaigns.

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