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Extraverts Vs Introverts

Personalisation at scale, without the guesswork

DataSine Premium integrates seamlessly with HubSpot and MailChimp to make your emails more personal and more appealing. Using cutting-edge AI and decades of psychological research, our platform makes it easy to tailor content to the personality of your customers. And for a limited time only, it is available for free.

  • Get insights into the personality of each of your customers, based on their past engagement with your emails.
  • Receive real-time ratings of how appealing images used in your email drafts will be to different personalities and recommendations for better alternatives.
  • Increase customer engagement¬†by 80% or more.

Interested? Sign up here, and you’ll be given FREE beta access when we launch in a few weeks’ time. Be one of the first and you will be invited to become a case study partner, where you will get dedicated support from our in-house data scientists, psychologists and project managers in running a personalised campaign.

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