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AI that increases appeal

Understand your customers’ personality, know in advance how appealing images will be to them, and increase email engagement by 80%+ with DataSine Premium. Integrates directly with MailChimp and HubSpot.

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Increased Appeal

Segment by what matters

Understand the personality of your customers and how best to communicate with them. Are they particularly spontaneous or altruistic? Are they the sort of person that loves being in amongst the crowd? Or do they prefer sitting down with a good book?

Based on past email engagement, our platform can accurately predict personality according to the Big Five – the most widely researched and supported model of personality.

Personality Insights
Image Appeal Ratings

Find images that work, without the guesswork

Gain real-time ratings of how appealing images will be to different personalities and receive recommendations for better alternatives.

Trained on millions of data points, including the 1.5 million+ personalised emails sent out by our users to date, our proprietary models can tell you how appealing images will be and why. Alongside the ratings, you get recommendations of similar alternatives that could deliver greater appeal – all sourced from Unsplash, a collection of free, high-quality, and royalty-free images.

Image Appeal Ratings

Discover if your emails match your customers

Gain insights into how well matched your emails have been to the personality of your customer base and how much room there is for improvement.

Our platform can determine the personality that each of your emails would appeal to most, based on the images and words used. This is then compared to the personality of your customer base to establish how much click rates could have been improved.