How the Datasine platform can be used

With Datasine’s unique platform features, you can get engagement gains without having to guess what will and will not inspire your audience.

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Briefing designers and agencies

When producing creative content, many performance marketers work with creative design teams. In order to get their campaign tone, goals, messaging etc across, they will provide the team with a brief.

Briefs are a notoriously tricky business. Designers can only work with what you give them – but you also don’t want to give them so much that they have no flexibility. The potential for misunderstanding is high, and it usually takes a fair amount of back-and-forth before everyone is working from the same page.

There are plenty of workflow and design sharing tools out there which enable clearer communication on these matters. But these tools aren’t always capable of explaining creative issues in ways that performance marketers can understand, or performance issues in ways that creatives can understand.

Our platform provides smart insights, creative performance insights, and a centralised collaboration platform which enables clear communication between marketers and design teams.

By using Datasine’s platform to curate, test, and demonstrate creative elements, creatives are empowered to guide the creation of marketing content using the kind of solid data science that performance marketers can follow.

It also enables performance marketers to brief creatives using analytics and insights from historical creative campaigns.

Enabling centralised collaboration

Following on from the previous point, Datasine smooths and streamlines collaborative creative workflows – making things a lot simpler for everyone.

By using Datasine’s platform, marketing teams can replace existing campaign workflows with more centralised, collaborative, data-driven planning and briefing tools.

Marketers and managers can invite all kinds of third parties (design teams, freelancers, media agencies, PR agencies…) to collaborate in Datasine’s platform. Communication becomes much clearer, and less time and resources are needed to facilitate this collaboration.

The platform provides information on past and current campaigns at every step, enabling marketers to raise ROI by improving content with every single campaign.

Ruling the algorithm

Digital advertising platforms and channels are moving heavily towards AI-driven automation. Smart bidding, budgeting, and audience targeting are increasingly where it’s at.

What these parameters mean in practical terms is that moving the needle on ROAS to beat your competitors has become incredibly hard.

Time and again, it has been proven that the single best way to stand out from the crowd with Paid Social Media ads is to have the best creative content possible,, and to make sure that you’re using that content in the best possible ways.

Our platform enables you to pre-optimise your content before it goes live. We’ll tell you which assets to test, which to invest in and (ultimately) which will get the best results. This not only saves you a huge amount of testing budget – it also ensures that you’re leading with your very best creative content from the start.

The end result is that your content will stand out from the crowd in terms of creative excellence and performance, which will in turn ensure that it gets in front of the right eyeballs.

Giving creatives a head start

Sophisticated marketers spend a huge amount of time testing creative content. We start with a random selection of what our design teams provide, and steadily work our way through, testing until we’re able to narrow it down to the highest performing creative elements

However, this is a time consuming and costly business. Everything would be a lot quicker and easier if we had some guidance on where to start.

As well as making the testing process itself a lot faster and easier than traditional A/B testing methods, Datasine’s platform can also guide your creative direction from the very start.

Our smart image selection tools looks through your past campaigns’ creative data, compares this with current campaign objectives, and then combines a large selection of stock libraries and your own creative assets to present you with a selection of the kind of creative elements which will work best for you.

The platform will then suggest unused creative assets which will work well for your campaign, and allow you to search through Unsplash, Shutterstock, and your own integrated library for relevant candidates.

This means that you are able to pick a creative direction which you know will work for you. No more wasting time testing out styles and elements which our AI has already eliminated. You’ll be able to create the highest performing content from the very start, and then narrow that selection down quickly to find the absolute best of the best.

Live campaign monitoring

Live creative content is scored for performance on an ongoing basis, using both Datasine and live performance metrics. This enables sophisticated marketers to dynamically optimise campaigns as they run, without the need to put time and money into (for example) optimising via Facebook’s Dynamic Optimisation tool.

As a Performance Marketer you’ll be running advertising campaigns with your own setup. This enables you to measure the statistical significance of your tests in a third party platform. It will show the creative content that is winning, and empower you to make decisions on what to pause, what to spend money on, what to do more of and much more.

You’ll be able to easily optimise the creative content of your live campaigns across different ad sets using our platform. At any time during the campaign, you can replace creative content with your own uploads, content suggested by Datasine’s AI, or content selected from your own Datasine account or Facebook image library.

Fundamental marketing problems

In the world of digital marketing, an engagement increase of just 5% can represent a seven digit increase in top-line sales content optimisation is clearly the way to achieve these engagement gains.
With Datasine’s unique platform features, you can get those engagement gains without having to guess what will and will not inspire your audience. The AI analyses your ads giving you an insight to how they’ll perform before your campaigns even go live.

"Identifying the best possible imagery resulted in a 77% increase in our Facebook conversions."

Digital Fundraising Lead, International Charity

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How the Datasine platform works

From analysing your previous campaigns and the on-going optimisation, the step-by-step process of how our unique AI algorithms learns the wants of your customer and tailors the campaigns for them constantly. Meaning the greater ROI from your marketing campaigns.

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