Personalising finance


Our algorithms use a unique combination of machine learning and psychology to gain a deeper understanding of your customers. These powerful analytics enable you to serve and engage them better.

DataSine makes it easy to use these insights across your business to improve customer relationships. Our tools specifically help banks offer more relevant products and services, and to communicate in a personalised way.

Ultimately, this increases trust and loyalty.
Customer Analytics
We help you understand who your customers are and what drives their behaviour
Product Fit
We give you insights into what products and services your customers are most likely to need
We tell you who to partner with, in order to maximise customer interest and engagement
We tell you when and how to communicate with your clients


Our mission is to help banks build meaningful relationships with their customers. We believe that with better understanding of customer needs, we can create a personal experience of banking that fits with the twenty-first century.

Founded in 2015, DataSine brings together expertise in psychology and machine learning to help financial institutions better understand their customers. Our systems build a rich personality profile for each customer, determining their personality, needs, values and circumstances. These profiles are then used to tailor marketing strategies, build individualised investment portfolios and package personalised financial products to better reflect individual personalities, needs and circumstances.

If you are interested in working with us, then we would love to talk to you.